2020-05-11 Steve McIntyreDon't fail if no unattended-upgrade* processes
2020-05-11 Steve McIntyreAdd support for other options on the bootstrap:
2020-05-11 Steve McIntyreAdd support for a runtime argument to choose the runtim...
2020-05-11 Steve McIntyreAccept MACH=arm32
2020-05-11 Steve McIntyreMove arm64 image to new location
2020-05-11 Steve McIntyreUpdate comment
2020-05-11 Steve McIntyreTweaks to support 32- and 64-bit VMs better
2020-05-11 Steve McIntyreAdded an arm32 image now
2020-05-07 Steve McIntyreSdd a helper script to validate the contents of a MANIFEST
2020-05-07 Steve McIntyreAutomatically start the runtime VM
2020-05-07 Steve McIntyreAdd empty runtime VM provisioning script
2020-05-07 Steve McIntyreMinor tweaks
2020-05-07 Steve McIntyreDescribe the steps needed to set up the runtime VM...
2020-05-07 Steve McIntyreAbandon port forwarding and set up ssh proxy instead
2020-05-07 Steve McIntyreSimple startup script to go into /usr/local/bin in...
2020-05-07 Steve McIntyreDon't use port-forwarding for the runtime VM
2020-05-05 Steve McIntyreChange download URL to something public for initial...
2020-05-05 Steve McIntyreWIP: script to start the runtime VM
2020-05-05 Steve McIntyreTrivial script to generate a MANIFEST file for the...
2020-05-05 Steve McIntyreSimple Vagrantfile and a bootstrap script
2020-05-05 Steve McIntyreAdd notes so far
2020-05-05 Steve McIntyreAdd initial trivial .gitignore file