descriptionlocal strace test scripts
ownerSteve McIntyre
last changeThu, 5 Apr 2018 18:15:08 +0000 (19:15 +0100)
2018-04-05 steveDon't assume that enable-mpers will work master
2018-02-15 Steve McIntyregive up on using sourceforge
2017-11-07 Steve McIntyreForce a from address that might work
2017-11-07 Steve McIntyreAdd deb4g for sparc64
2017-09-08 Steve McIntyreMove from asachi to amdahl
2017-02-25 Steve McIntyreFix logic in git fallback scripting
2017-02-19 Steve McIntyreFall back to pulling from github if fails
2017-02-19 Steve McIntyreTry both git repos in turn befor failing
2017-02-19 Steve McIntyreAdd set -e to the build script so we catch major errors
2016-12-30 Steve McIntyreOnly build binaries in package-test mode
2016-12-23 Steve McIntyrehandle wget options better
2016-12-21 Steve McIntyresend the right file...
2016-12-21 Steve McIntyrecompress and base64 encode the package log
2016-12-20 Steve McIntyrereally fix trap command
2016-12-20 Steve McIntyreUse a manifest for package bits
2016-12-20 Steve McIntyreFix ordering of trap command line
5 years ago master