2016-12-23 Steve McIntyrehandle wget options better
2016-12-21 Steve McIntyresend the right file...
2016-12-21 Steve McIntyrecompress and base64 encode the package log
2016-12-20 Steve McIntyrereally fix trap command
2016-12-20 Steve McIntyreUse a manifest for package bits
2016-12-20 Steve McIntyreFix ordering of trap command line
2016-12-19 Steve McIntyreMake sure that we clean up any schroot sessions when...
2016-12-19 Steve McIntyreMerge branch 'master' of
2016-12-19 Steve McIntyreMore CA changes needed
2016-12-19 Steve McIntyreMore CA handling needed
2016-12-19 Steve McIntyreAdd gcc-multilib in some cases, ignore errors if it...
2016-12-19 Steve McIntyredeal with differentl SSL cert setups :-(
2016-12-19 Steve McIntyreadd notket, sparc64 porter box
2016-12-18 Steve McIntyreAdd gcc-multilib too
2016-12-18 Steve McIntyreForce wget certificate file
2016-12-18 Steve McIntyreTweak daily build time properly
2016-12-18 Steve McIntyreTweak daily build time
2016-12-18 Steve McIntyreUpdate host list
2016-12-18 Steve McIntyreAdd support for doing a package build test too
2016-11-14 Steve McIntyremips*el porterbox hostname change
2016-06-01 Steve McIntyresimple gitignore
2016-06-01 Steve McIntyrewatch the git work
2016-05-19 Steve McIntyreWrapper needs to be executable
2016-05-19 Steve McIntyreAlways clean up even if the build failed
2016-05-19 Steve McIntyreShow the current git HEAD commit for each build
2016-05-19 Steve McIntyreUse a random chroot id
2016-05-19 Steve McIntyreMove crontab complexity into new wrapper script
2016-05-19 Steve McIntyreadd host list
2016-05-19 Steve McIntyreauto-setup crontab
2016-05-19 Steve McIntyreadd ca config to the git pull command line too
2016-05-19 Steve McIntyreadd crontab
2016-05-19 Steve McIntyreinitial version