2019-03-28 Steve McIntyreAdd --cycle option to power off then power on master
2019-01-30 Steve McIntyreUse taint mode and don't use PATH at all
2019-01-30 Steve McIntyreSplit on comma and use multiple lines for output
2019-01-30 Steve McIntyreAdd boilerplate and usage comments to watch-irssi
2019-01-19 Steve McIntyreScript to popup a message when somebody highlights...
2018-11-20 Steve McIntyreAdd simple script to wrap aumix, ready to use by fvwm
2018-11-14 Steve McIntyreMore logging improvements
2018-11-14 Steve McIntyreHandle -v as well as --verbose
2018-11-14 Steve McIntyreBuild complete command line in $cmd
2018-11-09 Steve McIntyreBetter check - is the config file readable?
2018-11-09 Steve McIntyreImprove config error handling
2018-11-09 Steve McIntyreAdd link to useful blog article
2018-11-09 Steve McIntyreAdd simple PDU control script
2018-11-06 Steve McIntyreexclude more metadata files
2017-07-06 Steve McIntyreAdd extra code to help detect mis-typed aliases
2017-07-06 Steve McIntyreDeal with MP3 onto USB sticks too, for the car
2017-01-05 Steve McIntyreTrivial rsync wrapper for music file downloads
2017-01-05 Steve McIntyreScript to help with picking albums at random
2017-01-05 Steve McIntyreUseful wrapper for dd, using pv to give progress too
2017-01-05 Steve McIntyreAdd timestamps to screen-lock
2017-01-05 Steve McIntyreVarious mutt helper scripts
2017-01-05 Steve McIntyreSimple script to read back and check burnt optical...
2016-04-29 Steve McIntyreAdd archive scanning program and a post-processor script
2015-07-05 Steve McIntyreAlways set dpi for the LVDS, otherwise it wanders
2015-03-15 Steve McIntyreForce LVDS-only to the LVDS screen size
2014-11-11 Steve McIntyreAdd boilerplate and reset for 100dpi
2014-08-26 Steve McIntyreMake things much more robust
2014-08-26 Steve McIntyreworking? version of screen lock and resize script