2020-09-16 Steve McIntyreImprove output, and send warning mail IN CAPS if needed master
2020-09-16 Steve McIntyreAdd a new script for checking for broken flac files
2020-09-16 Steve McIntyreTreat /mnt as removable too
2020-09-08 Steve McIntyreMake netconsole script more generic
2020-09-08 Steve McIntyreTweak VPN monitor colours etc.
2020-09-07 Steve McIntyreTweak check_burn to be more helpful on files
2020-09-06 Steve McIntyreAdd simple copyright header on the jigsnap-update script
2020-09-04 Steve McIntyreMore updates
2020-09-02 Steve McIntyreClose the ignore list after parsing
2020-09-02 Steve McIntyreRefactor to not need File::chdir
2020-09-01 Steve McIntyreTweaks for make-snapshot
2020-09-01 Steve McIntyreAdd script to pull missing files from snapshot.d.o
2020-08-07 Steve McIntyreCosmetic tweaks to snapshot scripts
2020-08-06 Steve McIntyreUpdate and mich faster jigdo snapshot code
2020-08-06 Steve McIntyreWrapper script for maintaining jigdo snapshot on jack
2020-07-20 Steve McIntyreAdd netconsole wrapper script
2020-06-26 Steve McIntyreUse our HOSTNAME variable
2020-06-25 Steve McIntyreIgnore editor backups
2020-06-25 Steve McIntyreOnly attempt to start things if we have an ssh key...
2020-06-18 Steve McIntyreIgnore an album if we find an ignore file
2020-06-15 Steve McIntyreRemove bashism
2020-06-12 Steve McIntyreStop warnings from sigrot if ~/.sigrot doesn't exist
2020-06-10 Steve McIntyreAdd simple cron script to check the VPN and restart...
2020-06-08 Steve McIntyrePerl script to grab files from snapshot.d.o
2020-06-05 Steve McIntyreTweak positioning for vpn-monitor
2020-06-05 Steve McIntyreTweak output for VPN
2020-06-05 Steve McIntyreUpdate the mailsync links
2020-06-05 Steve McIntyreAdd support for recognising the cheddar VPN too
2020-06-05 Steve McIntyreAdd a VPN monitor, based very closely on the irssi...
2020-06-02 Steve McIntyreMake directories as needed
2020-06-02 Steve McIntyreSwitch to using as a trigger for broke...
2020-05-06 Steve McIntyreAdd simple script to extra and publish gpg wkd data
2020-04-29 Steve McIntyreUse sort -u to deal with multiple identical entries
2020-04-29 Steve McIntyreWhitespace fix
2020-04-27 Steve McIntyreAdd support for detecting CD-R media and writing to...
2020-04-19 Steve McIntyreScript to generate openvpn client configs for use on...
2020-04-17 Steve McIntyreCheck for a README in the right directory
2020-04-16 Steve McIntyreTypo fix
2020-04-16 Steve McIntyreAdd stats for total time, total mbytes and speed
2020-04-16 Steve McIntyreAdd option to control the patterns wanted
2020-04-16 Steve McIntyreAdd debug
2020-04-16 Steve McIntyreUpdate the README files too, using mkREADME
2020-04-16 Steve McIntyreRemove debug
2020-04-16 Steve McIntyreAdd support for an output filename using -o
2020-04-16 Steve McIntyrePut ISO output into versioned directories
2020-04-16 Steve McIntyreFix typo
2020-04-16 Steve McIntyreAdd dry-run support with -n option
2020-04-16 Steve McIntyreIgnore -edu images by default too
2020-04-16 Steve McIntyreBetter copyright dates
2020-04-06 Steve McIntyreLook for a README file in the same dir as the ISO image
2020-03-28 Steve McIntyreSimple script to help manage input device config
2020-03-28 Steve McIntyreAdd a --list option to simply list configured ports
2020-03-10 Steve McIntyreAllow for configuration of the cycle delay time
2020-03-10 Steve McIntyreBug fix: if we're doing a cycle, don't assume status too
2020-03-10 Steve McIntyreDon't force reads of all variables on open
2020-02-24 Steve McIntyreAdd copyright boilerplate
2020-02-23 Steve McIntyreWrite new file to $ and rename when finished
2020-02-22 Steve McIntyreOnly stat the input files if we know they exist
2020-02-22 Steve McIntyreFurther improvements for production use of extract_temp...
2020-02-22 Steve McIntyreMajor updates to
2020-02-22 Steve McIntyreMuch better (and faster!) template dump tool
2020-02-22 Steve McIntyreInitial shell implementation of extract_template
2020-02-22 Steve McIntyreAdd more local scripts
2020-02-19 Steve McIntyreRewrite a lump of the git-dotfiles script to work with...
2020-02-19 Steve McIntyreRemove sig trailer
2020-02-19 Steve McIntyreAdd boilerplate
2020-02-19 Steve McIntyreImport Tollef's git-dotfiles script as-is
2020-02-19 Steve McIntyreStop debmirror complaining about lack of the trace dir
2020-02-19 Steve McIntyreMake the debian-mirror script use the local keyring
2020-02-15 Steve McIntyreAdd comments
2020-02-15 Steve McIntyreAdd boilerplate
2020-02-15 Steve McIntyreRe-implement jigdo_images in perl
2020-02-14 Steve McIntyreDon't list the mac images specially
2020-02-14 Steve McIntyreStop using backticks!
2020-02-14 Steve McIntyreSplut up the jigdo_images code to allow things to run...
2020-01-21 Steve McIntyreSimple script to turn lore. threads into local mails
2020-01-18 Steve McIntyreCosmetic tweak: lose dd output messages
2020-01-17 Steve McIntyreUse basename to lose directory info
2020-01-17 Steve McIntyreCatch multiple matches better
2020-01-06 Steve McIntyreAdd support for ignoring files when cueing a new album
2019-12-18 Steve McIntyreMake jigdo_images more clever
2019-12-11 Steve McIntyreFold in sync_web from jack too
2019-12-11 Steve McIntyreImport more scripts
2019-12-11 Steve McIntyreTrivial wrapper for firefox extension textern to use
2019-12-11 Steve McIntyreSupport generating the data from jigdo files too
2019-12-02 Steve McIntyreAdd pgp-signing wrapper script
2019-11-29 Steve McIntyreAdd burn_dvd wrapper script
2019-11-29 Steve McIntyreAdd automatic load_load and wait_drive_ready stuff
2019-10-18 Steve McIntyreAdd trivial mkREADME script
2019-10-14 Steve McIntyreAdd simple sig rotation script
2019-10-14 Steve McIntyreSet the title of the irssi popup warning window
2019-10-14 Steve McIntyreUpdate sig expansions
2019-10-14 Steve McIntyreMultiple updates
2019-10-14 Steve McIntyreDon't rely on path for things
2019-10-14 Steve McIntyreWork better with USB media
2019-03-28 Steve McIntyreAdd --cycle option to power off then power on
2019-01-30 Steve McIntyreUse taint mode and don't use PATH at all
2019-01-30 Steve McIntyreSplit on comma and use multiple lines for output
2019-01-30 Steve McIntyreAdd boilerplate and usage comments to watch-irssi
2019-01-19 Steve McIntyreScript to popup a message when somebody highlights...