Force EFI grub installation on amd64 with uefi
[openstack-debian-images.git] / build-openstack-debian-image.1
2017-01-24 Steve McIntyreAdd UEFI and arm64 support
2016-05-31 Thomas GoirandDocument the boot manager option in the man page.
2016-05-18 Thomas GoirandDocument --azure in the man page.
2015-09-14 Thomas GoirandUsing instead of
2015-01-26 Thomas Goirand * Uses 2GB by default as for the image, as 1GB isn...
2014-07-03 Thomas GoirandAdded an option to choose the login username, thanks...
2013-10-15 Thomas GoirandMove the password description in man page because it...
2013-07-28 Thomas Goirandusefull -> useful in man page.
2013-07-28 Thomas Goirandhyphen as minux in man page.
2013-07-28 Thomas GoirandFixed minus as hyphen in man page.
2013-07-28 Thomas GoirandAdded an option to set a default root password.
2013-07-17 Thomas GoirandMore documentation.
2013-07-16 Thomas GoirandMade feature to automatically resize as an option,...
2013-07-08 Thomas GoirandYet another man page improvement.
2013-07-08 Thomas GoirandRemoved the double-defined -e option in man page.
2013-07-08 Thomas GoirandNow using --sources.list-mirror and not --source-list...
2013-07-08 Thomas GoirandAdded a --source-list-mirror option
2013-07-04 Thomas GoirandDocument the -e option in the man page.
2013-07-03 Mehdi AbaakoukAllow image > 1G, Shrink image, catch error/exit to...
2013-07-02 Thomas GoirandAdded the possibility to use a hook script to customize...
2013-06-11 Thomas GoirandReview the script man page.
2013-06-09 Thomas GoirandEnhanced the man page and usage prints.
2013-05-29 Thomas GoirandInitial commit.