2017-07-16 Phil WyettImport Debian version 0.6+nmu2 master debian/0.6+nmu2
2017-07-16 Florian SchlichtingAdd a dependency on python-pycurl, needed by lwr (close... debian/0.6+nmu1
2017-01-23 Iain R. LearmonthUpdated changelog for release debian/0.6
2017-01-23 Iain R. LearmonthUse python-distro-info in determining suite (Closes...
2017-01-23 Iain R. LearmonthUpdates to quickstart guide
2017-01-22 Iain R. LearmonthDoc fix for attaching USB device to QEMU (Closes: ...
2017-01-22 Iain R. LearmonthMerge branch 'master' of
2017-01-22 Ana C. CusturaFixes issues with graphical installer on isolinux boot
2017-01-22 Iain R. LearmonthAdd doc fix for build directory selection (Closes:...
2017-01-22 Iain R. LearmonthUse the installed package list from deb package
2017-01-08 Iain R. LearmonthIgnore egg-info
2017-01-08 Ana C. CusturaFixes path in /debian install file
2017-01-08 Ana C. CusturaAdds Speech Synthesis and Localisation support
2017-01-07 Iain R. LearmonthAlso the VERSION file
2017-01-07 Iain R. LearmonthBump version to 0.6
2017-01-07 Iain R. LearmonthCorrect handling of d-i URLs for daily builds (Closes...
2017-01-07 Ana C. CusturaRemoves memtest86+ and hdt, to be readded in a later...
2016-11-17 Iain R. Learmonthvmdebootstrap *requires* a cdroot and a mirror
2016-11-16 Iain R. LearmonthTidy up xorriso file a little
2016-11-16 Iain R. LearmonthUse entry point, not an executable script
2016-11-16 Iain R. LearmonthDon't render empty submenus (based on supported entries)
2016-11-16 Iain R. LearmonthRefactors memtest code into seperate module
2016-11-16 Ana C. CusturaAdds submenu support for grub
2016-11-16 Ana C. CusturaAdds main menu title and diagnostic tools submenu gener...
2016-11-16 Ana C. CusturaAdds submenu support for isolinux
2016-11-16 Iain R. LearmonthAllow setting the disk description arbitrarily
2016-11-16 Iain R. LearmonthCut release 0.5 debian/0.5
2016-11-16 Iain R. LearmonthWe handle xorriso pretty well now
2016-11-16 Iain R. LearmonthUse daily d-i builds for now by default (we're not...
2016-11-16 Iain R. LearmonthTidy up the disk metadata
2016-11-15 Iain R. LearmonthFix conflict of HDT and ISOLINUX by requiring ISOLINUX...
2016-11-15 Iain R. LearmonthBy default, builds have installers
2016-11-15 Iain R. LearmonthFix up revert to debug level logging by default
2016-11-14 Iain R. LearmonthSimplify the way in which directories are used (probabl...
2016-11-13 Iain R. LearmonthThe abstract concept of a bootloader
2016-11-13 Iain R. LearmonthRemoves pylint errors from lwr module
2016-11-13 Iain R. LearmonthFix up, with absolute relative paths, the GRUB and...
2016-11-13 Iain R. LearmonthAdd a secret debug option to disable vmdebootstrap
2016-11-13 Iain R. LearmonthConsolidate CURL usage into a download_file function
2016-11-13 Iain R. LearmonthOnly install bootloader files when asked for
2016-11-12 Iain R. LearmonthTidy install paths for bootloaders
2016-11-12 Iain R. LearmonthRemoving prints, adding logging
2016-11-11 Iain R. LearmonthInfo level logging to stderr by default
2016-11-11 Iain R. LearmonthReplace some prints with logging
2016-11-11 Ana C. CusturaUpdate isolinux configuration to handle also HDT and...
2016-11-11 Iain R. LearmonthRemove systemd-networkd from the live squashfs
2016-11-11 Iain R. LearmonthTemporarily fixes permissions on squashfs root (see...
2016-11-11 Iain R. LearmonthAdds hardcoded disk information
2016-11-11 Iain R. LearmonthFixes up hardcoded packages and release generation
2016-11-10 Iain R. LearmonthAdd Packages and Release file for the installer
2016-10-22 Iain R. LearmonthRelease 0.4 debian/0.4
2016-10-22 Iain R. LearmonthUpdates to changelog
2016-10-22 Iain R. LearmonthFix another customise (really need to pick one)
2016-10-22 Iain R. LearmonthNo longer have vmdebootstrap as explicit dep
2016-10-22 Iain R. LearmonthAdd vmdebootstrap to pydist-overrides
2016-10-22 Iain R. Learmonthdebian/copyright: Fix typo on field name
2016-10-22 Iain R. LearmonthShare version across docs and
2016-10-22 Iain R. LearmonthMore updates to docs
2016-10-22 Iain R. Learmonthvmdebootstrap expects a z
2016-10-22 Iain R. LearmonthFix dependency for python-apt
2016-10-22 Iain R. LearmonthSphinx fixes
2016-10-22 Iain R. LearmonthSpecify Python version in
2016-10-22 Iain R. LearmonthStandardise on British English
2016-08-22 Iain R. LearmonthMore bits optional for sans-installer images
2016-08-22 Iain R. LearmonthFixes DNS during vmdebootstrap on some systems
2016-08-21 Iain R. LearmonthFix up isolinux, yay it works
2016-08-21 Iain R. LearmonthInstalls and detects presence of local...
2016-08-21 Iain R. LearmonthBetter mirror handling
2016-08-21 Iain R. LearmonthDon't overwrite the installer isolinux config, still...
2016-08-20 Iain R. LearmonthMakes the installer optional by command line switch
2016-08-20 Iain R. LearmonthAdd pydist-overrides for apt -> python-apt
2016-08-20 Iain R. LearmonthUse dh-sphinxdoc on the documentation
2016-08-20 Iain R. LearmonthAdding a FIXME for locating customize script
2016-08-20 Iain R. LearmonthTemporarily use as default mirror
2016-08-20 Iain R. LearmonthUse native xorriso arguments, enabling isohybrid (Close...
2016-08-19 Iain R. LearmonthCheckpoints changelog
2016-08-19 Neil WilliamsFix isolinux paths and grub module loading.
2016-08-19 Neil Williamsstart to harmonise the directory layout
2016-08-19 Neil Williamsmove makedirs again
2016-08-19 Neil Williamsonly create pool directories if the download is to...
2016-08-19 Neil Williamsadd a local dir for test images
2016-08-19 Neil WilliamsPut the udebs in a pool type directory structure
2016-08-19 Neil Williamsfixing up remaining steps to build an image
2016-08-19 Neil WilliamsAdd support for downloading udebs
2016-08-19 Neil WilliamsAdd cmdtest and yarns support
2016-08-19 Iain R. LearmonthCheckpoints changelog
2016-08-19 Iain R. LearmonthChange debian/copyright Format to HTTPS URL
2016-08-19 Iain R. LearmonthUpdates to debian/control file
2016-05-25 Iain R. LearmonthRefactor to get rid of most pylint errors
2016-05-25 Iain R. LearmonthAdd logging for steps in bin/lwr
2016-05-25 Iain R. Learmonthmakes cdroot a temporary location too
2016-05-25 Iain R. LearmonthUse temporary location for d-i helper files
2016-05-25 Iain R. LearmonthAdds useful logging when fetching the d-i helper files
2016-05-25 Iain R. LearmonthAdding lwr.vm to the lwr module
2016-05-25 Iain R. LearmonthRefactor all the things! lbng->lwr
2016-05-25 Iain R. LearmonthUpdated changelog for release debian/0.3
2015-12-18 Iain R. Learmonthdoc/quickstart.rst: Removed note aboute using file:
2015-12-18 Iain R. LearmonthUse --apt-mirror not --mirror for vmdebootstrap
2015-12-18 Iain R. LearmonthUse HTTP not FTP for fetching D-I helpers
2015-12-18 Iain R. LearmonthPass mirror information to vmdebootstrap hook