Import Debian version 0.6+nmu2
[live-wrapper.git] / hooks /
2016-11-11 Iain R. LearmonthTemporarily fixes permissions on squashfs root (see...
2016-08-22 Iain R. LearmonthFixes DNS during vmdebootstrap on some systems
2016-08-21 Iain R. LearmonthBetter mirror handling
2016-08-20 Iain R. LearmonthTemporarily use as default mirror
2016-08-19 Neil WilliamsFix isolinux paths and grub module loading.
2016-08-19 Neil Williamsfixing up remaining steps to build an image
2016-08-19 Neil WilliamsAdd support for downloading udebs
2016-05-25 Iain R. LearmonthRefactor all the things! lbng->lwr
2015-12-18 Iain R. LearmonthPass mirror information to vmdebootstrap hook
2015-11-21 Iain R. LearmonthRemove hardcoded paths for vmdebootstrap files
2015-11-07 Iain R. LearmonthI'll tidy this up later
2015-11-07 Iain R. LearmonthCustomisable package selection
2015-11-06 Iain R. LearmonthHi