2011-06-16 Steve McIntyremkjigsnap: Remove mention of the dead -T option
2011-06-16 Steve McIntyreRemove -Werror from build options
2011-06-13 Steve McIntyreRewrite mkjigsnap in (almost) pure perl for better...
2011-06-13 Steve McIntyrePut AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR in a better place.
2011-06-11 Steve McIntyreupdate copyright year
2011-06-11 Steve McIntyreUpdate the mkjigsnap man page to match the merged code
2011-06-06 Steve McIntyreCheck for sort errors
2011-06-06 Steve McIntyreConsistent date in UTC
2011-06-03 Steve McIntyreAdd dryrun mode for the single-jigdo mode output dir too
2011-06-03 Steve McIntyreMerge the two branched implementations of jigit back...
2011-06-03 Steve McIntyreCheck for and return errors from the compress functions
2011-06-03 Steve McIntyreDon't ignore errors in common functions
2011-04-30 Steve McIntyreVersion 1.18 v1.18
2011-04-30 Steve McIntyreVersion 1.18
2011-04-30 Steve McIntyreVersion 1.18
2011-04-30 Steve McIntyres,config.h,../config.h, for easier use by the xorriso...
2011-04-30 Steve McIntyreFix man page syntax errors
2011-04-21 Steve McIntyreMore dynamic memory handling in mkimage
2011-03-24 Steve McIntyreGrab acinclude.m4 and re-bootstrap to fix warnings v1.17
2011-03-20 Steve McIntyreReset libjte to version 1.0.0 all over, ready for the...
2011-03-17 Steve McIntyreAdd libjte
2011-03-16 Steve McIntyreUpdated README to go with v1.17
2010-10-06 Steve McIntyreprint hex md5sums too when we fail to find a file
2010-10-06 Steve McIntyreFix how md5 files are dealt with
2010-10-06 Steve McIntyreBug fix in md5 comparisons
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreAdd ChangeLog, even if it's not strictly up to date...
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreSanity-check jigdo files
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyres/mkimage/jigit-mkimage/
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreRename mkimage to jigit-mkimage
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreRename mkimage to jigit-mkimage
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreRemove old redundant code v1.16-ish
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreRemove old redundant code
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreAdd bz2 support
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreadd bz2 support
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreRefactor:
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyretypo fix in wget command line
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreminor updates
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreWarning fixes v1.15-ish
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreRefactor to make code easier to maintain.
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreWarning fix
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreCleaned up licensing
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreFixed generation of rsyncsums v1.14-ish
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreCosmetic change - better word wrapping
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreMinor update v1.13-ish
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreAdded man page
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreAdded base64_dump() helper function
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreMinor updates to jigit ready for initial Debian upload
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreAdded new programs
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreAdded mkjigsnap, a utility to run on the server to...
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreAdded jigdump, a simple utility to dump the contents...
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreAdded jigsum, a simple utility to calculate and print...
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreImproved the documentation, listing new options to... v1.12
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreMinor cleanups
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreAdded rsync sums into JTE output. v1.11
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreAdded initial jigit script - wrapper for mkimage to...
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreRemoved the last md5 check; no longer needed. v1.10
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreAdded initial support for bzip2 compression in template...
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreAdded MD5 reverse lookups to pick up boot files; helps... v1.9
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreTweaked the -exclude option to reduce template file... v1.8
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreFixed a couple of silly bugs introduced; don't assume... v1.7
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreUpdated README to mention debian-cd support
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreRemoved redundant #include of sendfile.h
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreRemoved the old versioned mkisofs patch v1.6
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreAdded patch for debian-cd
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreAdded code to check MD5 sums in mkisofs; should no...
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreMinor updates. v1.5
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreAdded initial iso-image.pl cgi wrapper
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreAdded initial README file
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreInitial checkin of JTE files from package version 1.4 v1.4