2021-01-10 Steve McIntyreWhitespace tweaks master
2020-01-17 Steve McIntyreAdd simple time and performance measurement in verbose...
2020-01-17 Steve McIntyreReindent
2019-11-27 Steve McIntyreSubstitute date and version into docs when we do gitdist
2019-11-27 Steve McIntyreUpdate README
2019-11-25 Steve McIntyreUpdate copyright notices all over
2019-11-25 Steve McIntyreRemove dead/obsolete stuff
2019-11-21 Steve McIntyreAdd helper target to help with making release tarball v1.22
2019-11-21 Steve McIntyreIgnore more autotools stuff
2019-11-21 Steve McIntyreRemove autotools noise from git
2019-11-21 Steve McIntyreRemove old cruft
2019-11-21 Steve McIntyreUpdate changelog dates for a release
2019-11-21 Steve McIntyreUpdate mkjigsnap to deal with different checksum types
2019-11-21 Steve McIntyreFix typo in man page
2019-11-21 Steve McIntyreTweak the comments in the .jigdo header generation
2019-11-20 Steve McIntyreUpdate changelogs and README
2019-11-20 Steve McIntyreRemove version.h, unused
2019-11-20 Steve McIntyreIgnore lots of autotools noise
2019-11-20 Steve McIntyreRenamed jigdo-gen-md5-list, update Makefile.am to match
2019-11-20 Steve McIntyreMove from libjte-1.pc to libjte-2.pc
2019-11-20 Steve McIntyreRemove lots of generated files from git
2019-11-20 Steve McIntyreFix versioning for libjte - we want SONAME version 2
2019-11-17 Steve McIntyreTweak the URLS that JTE writes into headers sha256
2019-11-17 Steve McIntyreAdd more debug in jigdump
2019-11-17 Steve McIntyreClean up the emacs indent mode
2019-11-17 Steve McIntyrejigdump: add support for parsing .iso.tmp files
2019-11-11 Steve McIntyreMinor updates
2019-11-11 Steve McIntyreRemove generated file from git
2019-11-11 Steve McIntyreAdd sha256 support to libjte too
2019-11-11 Steve McIntyreAdd emacs indentation setup
2019-11-06 Steve McIntyreCosmetic tweaks
2019-11-06 Steve McIntyreAccount for the image info blocks when building the...
2019-11-06 Steve McIntyreWIP checkin adding lots more SHA256 support
2019-11-05 Steve McIntyreRename jigdo-gen-md5-list to jigdo-gen-checksum-list
2019-11-05 Steve McIntyreAdd support for the new SHA256 descriptors in jigdo...
2019-11-05 Steve McIntyreIgnore binaries that we build
2019-10-28 Steve McIntyreAdd new jigsum-sha256 program and man page
2019-10-28 Steve McIntyreMove code for base64 out into a new source file
2019-02-04 Steve McIntyreUpdate README for release v1.21
2019-02-04 Steve McIntyreUpdate ChangeLog for release
2019-02-04 Steve McIntyreIt's now February - fix up date in man pages for release
2019-02-03 Steve McIntyreKey bugfix for jigit-mkimage: print the missing file...
2019-02-03 Steve McIntyreUpdate copyright year refs before release
2019-02-03 Steve McIntyreFix formatting in the jigit-mkimage man page
2019-02-03 Steve McIntyreAdd man page for parallel-sums
2019-02-03 Steve McIntyreAdd basic .gitignore file
2019-02-02 Steve McIntyreAdd usage and error handling for command line parsing
2019-02-02 Steve McIntyreWarning fix in md5 code
2019-02-02 Steve McIntyreAdd new parallel-sums program
2014-08-18 Steve McIntyreRelease version 1.20 v1.20
2014-08-18 Steve McIntyreWarning fix for gzfile usage
2014-08-18 Steve McIntyreAdd uncompress.c to go with commit b2ea8c674d657e9ae834...
2014-08-18 Steve McIntyreAdd hardening patch from Debian
2014-08-14 Steve McIntyreAdd more info when doing backref
2014-08-14 Steve McIntyreAdd support for tracking jigdo back-references
2013-05-13 Steve McIntyreCode cleanups after running with "sparse"
2013-03-07 Steve McIntyreFix memset calls to zero the right amount of memory
2012-03-01 Steve McIntyreRemove leading / from filenames
2012-02-29 Steve McIntyreAdd support for verifying checksums too
2012-02-29 Steve McIntyreAdd support for verifying checksums
2012-02-29 Steve McIntyreMinor refactor
2012-02-28 Steve McIntyreAdd new extract-data utility
2012-02-28 Steve McIntyreMove data block decompression into a new source file
2011-08-16 Steve McIntyreAdd myself to the copyright boilerplate
2011-08-14 Steve McIntyreRe-indent and mod shell syntax slightly
2011-08-14 Steve McIntyreMake jigdo-gen-md5-list more portable
2011-08-14 Steve McIntyreSwitch from bzero to memset
2011-06-24 Steve McIntyreSilly logic bug
2011-06-24 Steve McIntyreMore verbose by default
2011-06-23 Steve McIntyreSplit up the zcat command line for safety
2011-06-16 Steve McIntyreVersion 1.19 v1.19
2011-06-16 Steve McIntyremkjigsnap: Remove mention of the dead -T option
2011-06-16 Steve McIntyreRemove -Werror from build options
2011-06-13 Steve McIntyreRewrite mkjigsnap in (almost) pure perl for better...
2011-06-13 Steve McIntyrePut AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR in a better place.
2011-06-11 Steve McIntyreupdate copyright year
2011-06-11 Steve McIntyreUpdate the mkjigsnap man page to match the merged code
2011-06-06 Steve McIntyreCheck for sort errors
2011-06-06 Steve McIntyreConsistent date in UTC
2011-06-03 Steve McIntyreAdd dryrun mode for the single-jigdo mode output dir too
2011-06-03 Steve McIntyreMerge the two branched implementations of jigit back...
2011-06-03 Steve McIntyreCheck for and return errors from the compress functions
2011-06-03 Steve McIntyreDon't ignore errors in common functions
2011-04-30 Steve McIntyreVersion 1.18 v1.18
2011-04-30 Steve McIntyreVersion 1.18
2011-04-30 Steve McIntyreVersion 1.18
2011-04-30 Steve McIntyres,config.h,../config.h, for easier use by the xorriso...
2011-04-30 Steve McIntyreFix man page syntax errors
2011-04-21 Steve McIntyreMore dynamic memory handling in mkimage
2011-03-24 Steve McIntyreGrab acinclude.m4 and re-bootstrap to fix warnings v1.17
2011-03-20 Steve McIntyreReset libjte to version 1.0.0 all over, ready for the...
2011-03-17 Steve McIntyreAdd libjte
2011-03-16 Steve McIntyreUpdated README to go with v1.17
2010-10-06 Steve McIntyreprint hex md5sums too when we fail to find a file
2010-10-06 Steve McIntyreFix how md5 files are dealt with
2010-10-06 Steve McIntyreBug fix in md5 comparisons
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreAdd ChangeLog, even if it's not strictly up to date...
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreSanity-check jigdo files
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyres/mkimage/jigit-mkimage/
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreRename mkimage to jigit-mkimage