mkjigsnap: Remove mention of the dead -T option
[jigit.git] / mkjigsnap
2011-06-16 Steve McIntyremkjigsnap: Remove mention of the dead -T option
2011-06-13 Steve McIntyreRewrite mkjigsnap in (almost) pure perl for better...
2011-06-06 Steve McIntyreCheck for sort errors
2011-06-06 Steve McIntyreConsistent date in UTC
2011-06-03 Steve McIntyreAdd dryrun mode for the single-jigdo mode output dir too
2011-06-03 Steve McIntyreMerge the two branched implementations of jigit back...
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreCleaned up licensing
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreFixed generation of rsyncsums v1.14-ish
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreAdded mkjigsnap, a utility to run on the server to...