Add support for tracking jigdo back-references
[jigit.git] / mkjigsnap.8
2014-08-14 Steve McIntyreAdd support for tracking jigdo back-references
2012-02-29 Steve McIntyreAdd support for verifying checksums
2011-06-16 Steve McIntyremkjigsnap: Remove mention of the dead -T option
2011-06-11 Steve McIntyreupdate copyright year
2011-06-11 Steve McIntyreUpdate the mkjigsnap man page to match the merged code
2011-04-30 Steve McIntyreFix man page syntax errors
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreFixed generation of rsyncsums v1.14-ish
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreAdded mkjigsnap, a utility to run on the server to...