Add simple time and performance measurement in verbose mode
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2019-11-27 Steve McIntyreSubstitute date and version into docs when we do gitdist
2019-11-27 Steve McIntyreUpdate README
2019-11-20 Steve McIntyreUpdate changelogs and README
2019-11-06 Steve McIntyreWIP checkin adding lots more SHA256 support
2019-02-04 Steve McIntyreUpdate README for release v1.21
2014-08-18 Steve McIntyreAdd hardening patch from Debian
2011-06-16 Steve McIntyreVersion 1.19 v1.19
2011-04-30 Steve McIntyreVersion 1.18
2011-03-16 Steve McIntyreUpdated README to go with v1.17
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyres/mkimage/jigit-mkimage/
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreminor updates
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreCleaned up licensing
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreMinor update v1.13-ish
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreImproved the documentation, listing new options to... v1.12
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreAdded MD5 reverse lookups to pick up boot files; helps... v1.9
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreTweaked the -exclude option to reduce template file... v1.8
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreUpdated README to mention debian-cd support
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreAdded code to check MD5 sums in mkisofs; should no...
2005-03-13 Steve McIntyreAdded initial README file