2019-11-19 Steve McIntyreFix up an integer overflow properly - cast was wrong
2019-11-18 Steve McIntyreTweak the windist target
2019-11-18 Steve McIntyreRemove generated file from git
2019-11-18 Steve McIntyreAdd a gitdist target to help with release management
2019-11-17 Steve McIntyreFix broken assumptions in my changes to JigdoDescVec...
2019-11-16 Steve McIntyreMore bits needed for thw windist build
2019-11-16 Steve McIntyreAdd initial target for Windows binary release
2019-11-16 Steve McIntyreDon't build the docs jigdo.1 / jigdo.html
2019-11-16 Steve McIntyreInitial set of helper binaries for windows
2019-11-16 Steve McIntyrePoint to the new jigdo home page in new headers
2019-11-16 Steve McIntyreFix up copyright notices in the sha256 wraper code
2019-11-16 Steve McIntyreMore copyright and doc updates
2019-11-16 Steve McIntyreRemove mention of cvs
2019-11-16 Steve McIntyreUpdate docs slightly
2019-11-07 Steve McIntyreMake jigdo-mirror believe in https too
2019-11-07 Steve McIntyreIgnore more configure output
2019-11-07 Steve McIntyreBuild static binary on Windows
2019-11-07 Steve McIntyreIgnore .exe too
2019-11-07 Steve McIntyreFix syntax error in jigdo-lite update
2019-11-07 Steve McIntyreTweak endian definition stuff for sha256 code
2019-11-07 Steve McIntyreYet more warning fixes for type conversions
2019-11-07 Steve McIntyreUpdate the Windows library downloader script
2019-11-07 Steve McIntyreDeal with Windows string format differences
2019-11-07 Steve McIntyreDon't attempt to build the gui
2019-11-07 Steve McIntyreDon't include configure in git
2019-11-06 Steve McIntyreMark the application subdirs as abandoned in Hacking.txt sha256_support
2019-11-06 Steve McIntyreIn verifyImage(), print the checksums too for better...
2019-11-05 Steve McIntyreWarning fix - unused variable
2019-11-05 Steve McIntyreWarning fix
2019-11-05 Steve McIntyreAdded brief updates for Hacking.txt
2019-11-05 Steve McIntyreFix up some mentions of md5/checksum
2019-11-05 Steve McIntyreRemove redundant #include
2019-11-05 Steve McIntyreRemove Makedeps from git
2019-11-05 Steve McIntyreAdd sha256 support in jigdo-mirror too
2019-11-05 Steve McIntyreAdd sha256 support in jigdo-lite too
2019-11-05 Steve McIntyreExtend SHA256 support elsewhere
2019-11-05 Steve McIntyreAdd sha256 support for print-missing too
2019-11-05 Steve McIntyreFix buggy usage message
2019-11-05 Steve McIntyreAdd support for generating sha256-based jigdo & template
2019-11-01 Steve McIntyreAdd support for SHA256 verification, and use it first
2019-10-31 Steve McIntyreUpdate copyright and version stuff
2019-10-31 Steve McIntyreIgnore built binary jigdo-file
2019-10-31 Steve McIntyreRemove .cvsignore noise
2019-10-31 Steve McIntyreWIP sha256 support
2019-10-31 Steve McIntyreUpdate docs to mention sha256 etc.
2019-10-31 Steve McIntyreRemove .gmo files from git
2019-10-31 Steve McIntyreIgnore .gmo files, but not .gitignore
2019-10-31 Steve McIntyreRemove editor backup files in "clean"
2019-10-31 Steve McIntyreRemove generated doc files from git
2019-10-31 Steve McIntyreAdd more things to .gitignore
2019-10-31 Steve McIntyreAdd basic .gitignore file
2019-10-27 Steve McIntyreAnother implicit conversion warning
2019-10-27 Steve McIntyreFix warning about catching polymorphic type by value
2019-10-27 Steve McIntyreAdd casts to fix warnings about converting string constants
2019-10-27 Steve McIntyreFix warnings about fall-through in switches
2019-10-27 Steve McIntyreFix several warnings about dynamic exception specifications
2019-10-27 Steve McIntyreFix lots of warnings about implicit type conversions
2019-10-24 Steve McIntyreRead/store the filesPerFetch setting from the config...
2019-10-24 Steve McIntyreUnset GREP_OPTIONS at the start of jigdo-lite
2019-10-24 Steve McIntyreuse tmpDir when creating images with jigdo-lite
2019-10-24 Steve McIntyreAdd support for https into jigdo-lite
2019-10-24 Steve McIntyres/atterer.net/atterer.org/g
2019-10-24 Steve McIntyreInfrastructure for building hardened binaries
2019-10-24 Steve McIntyreApply lots of old fixes from Richard
2019-10-24 Steve McIntyreImport Upstream version 0.7.3 upstream/0.7.3
2019-10-24 Steve McIntyreImport Upstream version 0.7.2 upstream/0.7.2
2019-10-24 Steve McIntyreImport Upstream version 0.7.1 upstream/0.7.1
2019-10-24 Steve McIntyreImport Upstream version 0.6.5 upstream/0.6.5