enable debug
[gitosis-admin.git] / gitosis.conf
2020-02-19 Steve McIntyreenable debug
2020-02-19 Steve McIntyreAdd new dotfiles repo
2019-11-17 Steve McIntyreAdd new efitest repo
2019-10-24 Steve McIntyreAdd jigdo repo
2019-07-18 Steve McIntyreAdd new steve-sigs repo
2019-06-07 Steve McIntyreAdd the apt-update repo
2019-05-08 Steve McIntyreAdd other key to the shim-review repo
2019-03-09 Steve McIntyreand make shim-review public
2019-03-09 Steve McIntyrelet Steve own shim-review
2019-03-09 Steve McIntyreAdd shim-review repo
2019-02-26 Steve McIntyreTurn off public access for now for TM stuff
2019-02-26 Steve McIntyreTurn off public access for now for TM stuff
2019-02-26 Steve McIntyreGive a better name for Thermomentum repos
2019-02-26 Steve McIntyreAdd Thermomentum repo access
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreAdd buildd-scripts repo
2017-07-16 Steve McIntyrenew key for steve
2017-06-27 Steve McIntyreAdd live-wrapper
2017-01-04 Steve McIntyreadd openstack-debian-images
2016-05-19 Steve McIntyreturn down debug
2016-05-19 Steve McIntyreadd strace-test
2015-11-12 Steve McIntyreTurn off gitweb for vero for now
2015-11-12 Steve McIntyreadd vero stuff
2014-11-03 Steve McIntyreAdd Ville Skyttä for access to abcde
2014-08-26 Steve McIntyreAdd admin access to new repos
2014-08-26 Steve McIntyreAdd new steve-scripts repo
2014-06-27 Steve McIntyreAdd Colin and Andrew to the abcde project
2014-06-11 Steve McIntyrefix after gitosis setup fixed on the server
2014-06-11 Steve McIntyredebug
2014-06-11 Steve McIntyredebug
2014-06-11 Steve McIntyreadd abcde access for steve
2014-06-10 Steve McIntyreadd abcde setup
2013-02-20 Steve McIntyreAdd Vas and rights for debian-rootfs
2012-03-05 Steve McIntyreAdd fake-hwclock repo
2011-04-13 Steve McIntyretest
2011-04-04 Steve McIntyreadd debian-cd-search module
2011-04-04 Steve McIntyreadd debian-cd-search module
2010-07-13 Steve McIntyreAdd access for stemci01
2010-06-16 Steve McIntyreAdd fuse-music repo
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreAdd details for jigit repo
2010-06-13 Steve McIntyreAdd jigit repo
2010-03-02 Steve McIntyremerge in amino-style config
2010-03-02 Steve McIntyreAdd smcintyre access
2010-03-02 Steve McIntyreAdd new repositories
2010-03-02 Steve McIntyreRename my key
2010-03-02 Gitosis AdminAutomatic creation of gitosis repository.