descriptionTranscoding filesystem
ownerSteve McIntyre
last changeSat, 1 Jun 2013 18:55:22 +0000 (19:55 +0100)
2013-06-01 Steve McIntyreExpand the directory-tracking pre-coding logic master
2013-05-26 Steve McIntyreHandle "quality" setting in the config file
2012-02-19 Steve McIntyreAdd encode_ogg and encode_ogg_client scripts
2011-11-22 Steve McIntyreAdd trivial DB conversion tool
2011-11-22 Steve McIntyrefactor out $(CC)
2011-11-22 Steve McIntyrePeriodically check the sizes db and remove obsolete...
2011-11-22 Steve McIntyreRe-factor and cleanup:
2011-11-22 Steve McIntyreFix silly thinko in db_dump_size_unlocked
2011-08-07 Steve McIntyreFix for cache startup crash.
2011-06-29 Steve McIntyreFill in st_blocks so that du works
2011-06-29 Steve McIntyreAdd traces to the FUSE entry points
2011-06-29 Steve McIntyreAdd config file support
2011-06-29 Steve McIntyreFix cut and paste error
2011-06-29 Steve McIntyreSwitch to strings for all the core option parsing
2011-06-29 Steve McIntyreUse xstrtoumax() for parsing strings into numbers
2011-06-29 Steve McIntyreAdd xstrtol and friends from gnulib.
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