2011-06-29 Steve McIntyreAdd traces to the FUSE entry points
2011-06-29 Steve McIntyreAdd config file support
2011-06-29 Steve McIntyreFix cut and paste error
2011-06-29 Steve McIntyreSwitch to strings for all the core option parsing
2011-06-29 Steve McIntyreUse xstrtoumax() for parsing strings into numbers
2011-06-29 Steve McIntyreAdd xstrtol and friends from gnulib.
2011-06-29 Steve McIntyreMore preprocessor magic to reduce repeated code
2011-06-20 Steve McIntyreImproved logic for matching:
2011-06-20 Steve McIntyreAdd extra debug
2011-06-20 Steve McIntyreAdd extra debug
2011-06-20 Steve McIntyreAdd missing semicolons
2011-06-20 Steve McIntyrewhitespace fixes
2011-06-20 Steve McIntyreSilly bugfix for exec() call
2011-06-17 Steve McIntyreadd wodim usage help
2011-06-17 Steve McIntyreSimple script to generate wav/cue files
2011-05-15 Steve McIntyreDon't need to call free_results() in db_remove_cache_en...
2011-05-15 Steve McIntyreDon't need to call free_results() in db_store_cache_entry()
2011-05-15 Steve McIntyreChange how the worker threads are started so daemon...
2011-05-15 Steve McIntyreMore debug cleanup
2011-05-15 Steve McIntyreClean up default log levels
2011-05-15 Steve McIntyreFix silly logic inversion in add_todo_entry_dir()
2011-05-15 Steve McIntyreRe-instating mistakenly deleted line
2011-05-15 Steve McIntyreFix potential race in entry_file_thread()
2011-05-14 Steve McIntyreMajor updates for cache handling
2011-05-14 Steve McIntyreMajor updates and cleanups to the cache DB code
2011-05-14 Steve McIntyreSwitch the XXXLOGx commands to using the LOGPRINT macro
2011-05-14 Steve McIntyreMove from using fprintf to using MAINLOGx
2011-05-11 Steve McIntyreAdd generic LOGPRINT macro helper which locks
2011-01-27 Steve McIntyreIf the DB fails unexpectedly, dump its contents
2011-01-27 Steve McIntyreExpose the db_dump_* functions externally via wrappers
2011-01-27 Steve McIntyrerearrange locks in the cache code
2011-01-27 Steve McIntyreAdd finer-grained control of debug
2011-01-26 Steve McIntyreremove unused variable
2011-01-26 Steve McIntyreUse mtime properly in the cache DB
2011-01-26 Steve McIntyreCall free_results() more consistently
2011-01-24 Steve McIntyreExtra DB debug functions and cleanup
2011-01-24 Steve McIntyrefix up size handling, go unsigned to signed
2011-01-24 Steve McIntyreAdd db_count_cache function to help in debugging
2011-01-23 Steve McIntyreAdd more debug in the LRU path
2011-01-23 Steve McIntyreMore debug
2011-01-23 Steve McIntyreMore debug
2011-01-23 Steve McIntyreuse debug mutex types for now
2011-01-23 Steve McIntyreadd more debug
2011-01-23 Steve McIntyrepthread_t is a ulong
2011-01-23 Steve McIntyreadd thread id to debug messages
2011-01-23 Steve McIntyreFix unlikely memory leak
2011-01-23 Steve McIntyreStart the file worker threads detached
2011-01-23 Steve McIntyreAdd more loggine of errors
2011-01-23 Steve McIntyreAdd more debug in cache_entry_failed
2011-01-23 Steve McIntyreReturn errors from the encoder properly
2011-01-23 Steve McIntyrePass threadnum to the encoder program
2011-01-23 Steve McIntyreCompile with -g by default
2011-01-23 Steve McIntyreMulti-threaded encoding support
2011-01-23 Steve McIntyreDon't use cache files currently being encoded
2011-01-22 Steve McIntyreAdd compile-time control over debug logging
2011-01-22 Steve McIntyreAdd compile-time control over debug logging
2011-01-20 Steve McIntyreFix cache file counting at startup
2011-01-19 Steve McIntyreStart working on multi-threaded backend
2011-01-19 Steve McIntyreAdd locking to the database
2011-01-19 Steve McIntyreAdd support for logging to a specified file
2011-01-19 Steve McIntyreimprove debug: print cache states by name
2011-01-19 Steve McIntyrelocking fixes
2011-01-17 Steve McIntyreMake statfs work properly
2011-01-17 Steve McIntyreRejig command line parsing to use libfuse properly.
2011-01-16 Steve McIntyreInitial re-implementation in C
2011-01-16 Steve McIntyreMove old perl implementation to perl subdir
2010-06-26 Steve McIntyreAllow changing of debug level on the command line too
2010-06-26 Steve McIntyreTrack time along with file size for each cached file
2010-06-22 Steve McIntyreAdd support for encoding to a temp file
2010-06-20 Steve McIntyreAdd support for MP3 encoding using LAME mp3-support
2010-06-16 Steve McIntyreAdd copright boilerplate
2010-06-16 Steve McIntyreInitial, mostly-working version of transcoding filesystem.