ownerSteve McIntyre
last changeFri, 27 Jul 2018 11:55:06 +0000 (12:55 +0100)
2018-07-27 Steve McIntyreAdd syslinux-utils for cdbuilder machine master
2018-07-26 Peter Palfraderfonts-open-sans is not a thing
2018-07-26 Peter PalfraderMore for sreview
2018-07-26 Peter Palfraderremove postgresql-contrib from
2018-07-26 Peter Palfradersort dependencies
2018-07-06 Peter Palfraderfix changelog syntax
2018-07-06 Peter PalfraderRevert "switch to packages"
2018-06-22 Julien Cristauupdate changelog entry
2018-06-20 Mattia add python3-psycopg2
2018-06-09 Peter Palfraderswitch to packages
2018-05-23 Paul Wiseqa.d.o: add rename for new usertags script
2018-05-17 Julien CristauFix syntax error in debian/control
2018-05-17 Wouter Verhelstsreview: add packages needed for SReview 0.3
2018-05-17 Wouter Verhelstveyepar,sreview: add missing packages
2018-04-25 Tollef Fog... Drop dependency that does not exist in stable (at least...
2018-04-25 Tollef Fog... Fix email address for DSA
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