2018-04-25 Tollef Fog... Drop dependency that does not exist in stable (at least...
2018-04-25 Tollef Fog... Fix email address for DSA
2018-04-25 Luke W FaraoneNew metapackage
2018-04-09 Philipp KernAdd python3 flavored libraries for
2018-04-07 Ansgar Burchardtftp-master.d.o: Install python-tabulate
2018-03-08 Don Armstrongadd libtext-xslate-perl for
2018-02-11 Niels Thykierlintian.d.o: Add scour dependencies to optimize generat...
2018-02-11 Niels Thykierlintian.d.o: Reorder and sync dependencies
2018-02-11 Raphaël HertzogReplace python3-gpgme with python3-gpg for tracker...
2018-02-06 Peter Palfraderadd sysstat to recommended-linux
2018-01-31 Julien doesn't want django-crispy-forms...
2018-01-30 Julien CristauMore syntax fix
2018-01-30 Julien CristauSyntax fix
2018-01-30 Julien add libjs-jquery (used by django...
2018-01-30 Julien CristauNew metapackage
2018-01-26 Julien Cristauftpmaster: add python3-psycopg2
2018-01-15 Julien Cristauftp-d.o: Replace python-debiancontributors with python3...
2017-12-30 Enrico Zinidebtags.d.o: add python3 dependencies
2017-12-06 Julien Cristauftp-master.d.o: remove libdbd-pg-ruby
2017-12-03 Niels ThykierAdd python3-sphinx to release.d.o
2017-11-22 Peter Palfradermake-deb-snapshot: Actually avoid the release changelog...
2017-11-22 Peter PalfraderAdd snapshot make script
2017-11-22 Peter PalfraderAdd debian/debhelper-build-stamp to .gitignore
2017-11-22 Julien CristauUpdate changelog
2017-11-22 Wouter VerhelstAdd metapackages for
2017-11-20 Julien CristauAdd missing epoch to tracker.d.o's python3-django depen...
2017-11-20 Raphaël switch to Python 3 and Django 1.11
2017-11-09 Raphaël update dependencies
2017-10-30 Julien CristauMore php deps for qa.d.o
2017-10-30 Julien Cristaurelease version 64
2017-10-30 Julien CristauMerge branch 'qa.d.o-stretch' of
2017-10-27 Mattia Use alternate depends on unversioned...
2017-10-27 Mattia remove libdbd-pg-ruby
2017-10-23 Julien CristauUpdate d-i.d.o dependencies for stretch
2017-09-12 Peter Palfraderadd opensp to www-master
2017-09-02 Peter Palfraderadd acl to upload
2017-08-15 Aurelien JarnoAdd changelog entry for previous commit
2017-08-15 Johannes 'josch... bootstrap.d.n: replace botch dependencies with botch...
2017-08-12 Aurelien remove vpim
2017-08-12 Aurelien JarnoRelease version 63
2017-08-12 Aurelien add php-bz2
2017-08-11 Martin Zobel... Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2017-08-11 Martin Zobel... addjust for udd
2017-08-11 Aurelien JarnoAdd changelog entry for previous commit
2017-08-11 Aurelien prepare for stretch upgrade
2017-08-10 Enrico Zinisso.d.o ported to python3, and cleaned old deps
2017-08-05 Luca Filipozziper enrico, adding python3-git
2017-08-03 Enrico ZiniUpdated nono to have python3 packages to support nm...
2017-07-30 Peter PalfraderMerge remote-tracking branch 'holger/master'
2017-07-23 Niels Thykierlintian 2.5.52 added a dependency on libxml-simple...
2017-07-07 Julien Cristauudd: add liblist-allutils-perl (rt#6767)
2017-06-19 Aurelien JarnoNew changelog entry
2017-06-19 Aurelien JarnoRelease version 62
2017-06-18 Julien CristauMerge
2017-06-18 Joerg JaspertAdd jdupes and python-debiancontributors for ftp-master
2017-06-05 Aurelien Jarnoadd fonts-wqy-microhei and fonts-vlgothic to
2017-05-30 Holger add golang-go (>= 2...
2017-05-25 Paul WiseAdd changelog entry
2017-05-25 Matthieu add dependency python-lzma
2017-05-20 Julien CristauAdd changelog entry
2017-05-20 Enrico ZiniAdded python-djangorestframework to nm.d.o to give...
2017-05-10 Paul WiseFix package
2017-05-10 Matthieu Caneilladd initial package
2017-04-27 Marcin KuliszPatch for new cdbuilder (Casulana)
2017-04-16 Julien add python3-debianbts (rt#6663)
2017-04-11 Aurelien JarnoUpdate buildd-reboot to work with newer versions of...
2017-04-09 Paul add vcswatch dependencies on VCS software
2017-04-09 Paul openjade1.3 (not in stretch)
2017-03-26 Peter Palfraderremove hardening-includes from lintan (not in stretch)
2017-03-26 Peter Palfraderremove libdata-alias-perl from lintan (not in stretch)
2017-03-26 Peter PalfraderMove the bugs changelog entry to the current version
2017-03-26 Don Armstrongadd additional packages for the BTS
2017-03-20 Peter Palfraderprepare new version
2017-03-20 Peter Palfraderrelease
2017-03-20 Peter Palfraderremove ntp from
2017-03-20 Martin Zobel... add ruby-msgpack to
2017-03-20 Julien Cristaurelease version 60
2017-03-20 Julien CristauSyntax fix
2017-03-19 Julien Cristaud.o-recommended: update ruby-augeas dependencies
2017-03-18 Peter PalfraderChangelog entry for dose-distcheck to piuparts-master
2017-03-18 Peter PalfraderMerge remote-tracking branch 'holger/master'
2017-03-17 Holger Levsenpiuparts will need dose-distcheck soon
2017-03-11 Peter PalfraderAdd missing changelog entry for new bugs packages
2017-03-11 Don ArmstrongAdd additional packages which are needed for Debbugs DB
2017-02-25 Peter PalfraderMerge remote-tracking branch 'holger/master'
2017-02-25 Holger Levsenpiuparts wants adequate adequate
2017-02-25 Steve McIntyreAdd libdbd-sqlite3-perl for cdbuilder and cdimage-search
2017-02-13 Steve McIntyreadd xorriso for
2017-02-12 Peter PalfraderAdd ipyhon3 to -recommended
2017-02-12 Peter Palfraderbs4 and alembic for mirror-master
2017-02-11 Peter PalfraderAdd
2017-02-08 Peter update
2017-01-28 Peter PalfraderSamuel Thibault: d-i: Add texlive-lang-european
2017-01-18 Emilio Pozuelo... Install libsoap-lite-perl on
2017-01-17 Peter PalfraderSamuel Thibault: d-i: replace fonts-ipafont-gothic...
2017-01-16 Peter Palfraderpull in nagios-plugins-contrib on nagios.d.o
2017-01-08 Peter Palfraderd-i: add fonts-freefont-ttf
2017-01-06 Peter PalfraderAdd liblist-moreutils-perl, libtext-iconv-perl, libtext...
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit: Update dependencies from dgit 2.11
2017-01-03 Julien CristauUpdate