2015-11-15 Paul WiseUse backports version of devscripts to drop code copy
2015-11-15 James McCoyqa: Depend on devscripts >= 2.15.9
2015-11-12 Enrico + python3-psycopg2
2015-11-11 Matthias KlumppUpdate dependencies of
2015-09-22 Aurelien JarnoRemove pelican build-deps from
2015-09-18 Aurelien JarnoAdd pelican to
2015-09-14 Luca Filipozzionto, installed docbook-utils
2015-08-25 Peter Palfradergnutls-bin for sso [enrico]
2015-08-25 Peter Palfradersso.d.o updates
2015-08-25 Peter PalfraderAdd python3-requests for sso an nn [enrico]
2015-08-17 Cord Beermannadding pflogsumm to lists.d.o
2015-08-16 Enrico ZiniAdded missing package for bts data mining
2015-08-15 Enrico ZiniAdded python3-debian python3-six to
2015-08-13 Cyril Bruleboisadd libxml-libxml-perl for d-i.d.o
2015-08-13 Julien Cristauadd libnet-oauth2-perl for lists.d.o
2015-08-12 Peter Palfraderlibgcrypt20-dev for lists
2015-08-10 Holger LevsenInstall python-lzma needed to support Packages.xz on...
2015-08-08 Peter Palfraderappstream: +python3-pygments
2015-07-09 Peter Palfraderpopcon: +libcgi-pm-perl
2015-07-09 Peter Palfradernm: drop python-gnupginterface
2015-07-08 Peter Palfraderwhitespace cleanup
2015-07-08 Peter PalfraderAdd python3-gi-cairo to appstream
2015-07-08 Peter PalfraderAdd
2015-06-28 Ian Jacksondgit now uses just curl, not wget
2015-06-25 Julien CristauRemove duplicate libdigest-sha-perl from dgit.d.o depen...
2015-06-25 Julien CristauAdd changelog entry and small fixups for
2015-06-22 Ian JacksonProvide Depends for (gideon)
2015-06-09 Paul Wisewww-master needs libcgi-pm-perl for
2015-06-02 Paul WiseWiki uses Perl CGI module which was split out of perl...
2015-06-01 Paul WiseDe-duplicate www-master.d.o dependencies
2015-05-31 Martin Zobel... add missing depends
2015-05-31 Peter Palfraderupdate snapshot ruby depends for jessie
2015-05-31 Paul WiseAllow updating foo when foo and foo.conf both exist
2015-05-31 Paul madison.cgi now uses libyaml-syck-perl
2015-05-31 Paul WiseUse fonts-arphic-uming and fonts-mlym instead.
2015-05-31 Paul WiseAllow vhost site names without .conf at the end
2015-05-30 Martin Zobel... drop ttf-arphic-uming and ttf-malayalam-fonts from...
2015-05-30 James McCoyadd libcgi-pm-perl for qa.d.o
2015-05-29 Peter Palfraderdedup: add python-sqlalchemy, python-ssdeep
2015-05-29 Peter Palfraderqa: replace db4.8-util dependency with db-util
2015-05-27 Peter Palfraderruby-json for udd
2015-05-27 Peter Palfraderdrop obsolete libjson-ruby
2015-05-17 Peter Palfraderruby-soap4r for ftpmaster
2015-05-17 Peter PalfraderAdd arm64 to make-deb
2015-05-16 Julien CristauRelease 56
2015-05-16 Julien Cristauadd libcgi-pm-perl for ftpmaster
2015-05-16 Julien CristauUpdate ftpmaster and release dependencies for jessie
2015-05-15 Peter Palfraderlibnet-dns-sec-perl for bugs.d.o
2015-05-07 Niels Thykierlintian.d.o: Lintian needs YAML::XS
2015-04-29 Paul WiseRename deriv package to the domain, add more deps
2015-04-26 Julien CristauAdd python3-yaml for
2015-04-15 Paul WiseDerivatives census patch generation switched to python...
2015-04-14 Martin Zobel... add carton to
2015-04-14 Martin Zobel... add libmoose-perl to
2015-03-21 Steve McIntyrewiki: Add python-docutils for rst support
2015-03-05 Paul WiseFix typo stating -> staging
2015-02-19 Julien CristauFix typo in buildd-reboot
2015-02-03 Peter Palfraderudd += vpim (RT#5713)
2015-01-27 Peter remove redundant...
2015-01-17 Peter Palfraderrename testing-security to security-tracker, and add...
2015-01-14 Peter Palfradernm wants rrdtool
2014-12-23 Peter PalfraderMove devscripts from a lot of packages to -recommended
2014-12-04 Peter PalfraderMove xz-utils dependency from various to -recommended
2014-12-03 Peter PalfraderAdd multitail
2014-11-27 Peter PalfraderAdd ppc64el
2014-11-09 Peter PalfraderChangelog entry for
2014-11-09 Raphael GeissertAdd metapackage for
2014-10-23 Martin Zobel... we want versioned debootstrap, so we get the BPO versio...
2014-10-17 Héctor Orón... Revert " add mosh"
2014-10-17 Héctor Orón... add mosh
2014-09-28 Peter Palfraderqa: +dose-distcheck, dose-builddebcheck, python3-yaml...
2014-09-20 Peter PalfraderDrop a couple packages we have anyway
2014-09-20 Peter PalfraderAnd a changelog entry
2014-09-20 Raphael GeissertAdd metapackage for the http-redirector
2014-09-14 Peter PalfraderStart 56
2014-09-14 Peter PalfraderRelease 55
2014-09-14 Peter PalfraderDepend on git, not git-core
2014-09-12 Peter PalfraderAdd pigz
2014-09-09 Aurelien Add emacs24-nox | emacs24 as...
2014-08-29 Steve McIntyrewiki: Add versioned dependency on python-moinmoin as...
2014-08-28 Mehdi DogguyAdd libgmp10 for
2014-08-24 Raphaël replace python-beautiful...
2014-07-05 Peter PalfraderUpdate buildd-reboot script to also stop buildd2
2014-07-03 Raphaël add dpkg-dev, python...
2014-07-01 Paul WiseSwitch from python cjson to simplejson because python...
2014-06-30 Martin Zobel... add changelog entry for pabs
2014-06-30 Paul WiseAdd metapackage for the Debian derivatives census patch...
2014-06-13 Héctor Orón... add munin-plugins-extra
2014-05-24 Peter Palfraderbuildd: +libyaml-libyaml-perl
2014-04-30 Peter PalfraderMerge remote-tracking branch 'holger/master'
2014-04-30 Holger LevsenAdd python-distro-info for piuparts*
2014-03-31 Peter PalfraderStart 55
2014-03-31 Peter PalfraderRelease 54
2014-03-31 Peter PalfraderPull in edac-utils
2014-03-31 Cyril BruleboisAdd libdate-manip-perl, libgd-graph-perl, libhtml-templ...
2014-02-26 Stephen Granand changelog
2014-02-26 Stephen Granruby-oj for udd
2014-02-15 Martin Zobel... fix script
2014-02-15 Martin Zobel... fix package name
2014-02-15 Martin Zobel... add d.o-nagios.d.o