nm wants rrdtool
[debian.org.git] / debian /
2015-01-14 Peter Palfradernm wants rrdtool
2014-12-23 Peter PalfraderMove devscripts from a lot of packages to -recommended
2014-12-04 Peter PalfraderMove xz-utils dependency from various to -recommended
2014-12-03 Peter PalfraderAdd multitail
2014-11-09 Peter PalfraderChangelog entry for debian.org-search.debian.org
2014-11-09 Raphael GeissertAdd metapackage for search.debian.org
2014-10-23 Martin Zobel-Helaswe want versioned debootstrap, so we get the BPO versio...
2014-10-17 Héctor Orón MartínezRevert "debian.org-recommended: add mosh"
2014-10-17 Héctor Orón Martínezdebian.org-recommended: add mosh
2014-09-28 Peter Palfraderqa: +dose-distcheck, dose-builddebcheck, python3-yaml...
2014-09-20 Peter PalfraderDrop a couple packages we have anyway
2014-09-20 Peter PalfraderAnd a changelog entry
2014-09-20 Raphael GeissertAdd metapackage for the http-redirector
2014-09-14 Peter PalfraderStart 56
2014-09-14 Peter PalfraderRelease 55
2014-09-14 Peter PalfraderDepend on git, not git-core
2014-09-12 Peter PalfraderAdd pigz
2014-09-09 Aurelien Jarnodebian.org-recommended: Add emacs24-nox | emacs24 as...
2014-08-29 Steve McIntyrewiki: Add versioned dependency on python-moinmoin as...
2014-08-28 Mehdi DogguyAdd libgmp10 for buildd.debian.org
2014-08-24 Raphaël Hertzogdebian.org-tracker.debian.org: replace python-beautiful...
2014-07-05 Peter PalfraderUpdate buildd-reboot script to also stop buildd2
2014-07-03 Raphaël Hertzogdebian.org-tracker.debian.org: add dpkg-dev, python...
2014-07-01 Paul WiseSwitch from python cjson to simplejson because python...
2014-06-30 Martin Zobel-Helasadd changelog entry for pabs
2014-06-30 Paul WiseAdd metapackage for the Debian derivatives census patch...
2014-06-13 Héctor Orón Martínezdebian.org-recommended: add munin-plugins-extra
2014-05-24 Peter Palfraderbuildd: +libyaml-libyaml-perl
2014-04-30 Peter PalfraderMerge remote-tracking branch 'holger/master'
2014-04-30 Holger LevsenAdd python-distro-info for piuparts*.debian.org
2014-03-31 Peter PalfraderStart 55
2014-03-31 Peter PalfraderRelease 54
2014-03-31 Peter PalfraderPull in edac-utils
2014-03-31 Cyril BruleboisAdd libdate-manip-perl, libgd-graph-perl, libhtml-templ...
2014-02-26 Stephen Granand changelog
2014-02-26 Stephen Granruby-oj for udd
2014-02-15 Martin Zobel-Helasfix package name
2014-02-15 Martin Zobel-Helasadd d.o-nagios.d.o
2014-02-14 Enrico Zinipython-django versioned to backports version for nm...
2014-02-14 Enrico Zinidebian.org-sso.debian.org: added python-django, python...
2014-02-14 Enrico ZiniAdd a versioned dep to pull from backports
2014-02-14 Joachim Breitners/dose-debcheck/dose-distcheck/
2014-02-14 Peter PalfraderChangelog entry
2014-02-14 Joachim BreitnerInstall dose-debcheck on buildd.d.o
2014-02-06 Héctor Orón MartínezAdd tig as development tool RT#4947
2014-01-10 Peter Palfraderlibtext-multimarkdown-perl for dsa.d.o
2014-01-08 Peter Palfraderand another one
2014-01-08 Peter PalfraderOne more for dns
2014-01-08 Peter PalfraderAdd a (maybe partial) dns.d.o
2014-01-01 Peter PalfraderAdd debian.org-dsa.debian.org
2013-12-28 Cyril BruleboisAdd fonts-liberation to d-i.debian.org
2013-12-22 Luca Filipozziapply changes requested by Enrico Zini in RT 4849
2013-12-19 Ansgar BurchardtAdd python-apt to pet.debian.org.
2013-12-17 Stephen GranAdd pet.debian.net
2013-12-11 Ivo De Deckeradd python-yaml to release.debian.org
2013-12-05 Peter Palfraderand blends needs postgresql-client
2013-12-04 Andreas Tilleblends.debian.org also needs python-apt
2013-12-02 Héctor Orón Martínezd-i.debian.org: add po-debconf. Requested by Cyril...
2013-12-02 Peter PalfraderAdd debian.org-blends.debian.org
2013-12-01 Peter PalfraderAdd debian.org-wnpp-by-tags.debian.net
2013-12-01 Peter Palfraderremove texlive-lang-european from d-i
2013-11-28 Cyril Bruleboisd-i.debian.org: More dependencies for spellchecker.
2013-11-28 Cyril Bruleboisd-i.debian.org: Add src:installation-guide's build...
2013-11-26 Peter Palfraderlibjson-perl for qa
2013-11-24 Mehdi Dogguyrelease: add edos-* dependencies.
2013-11-24 Peter PalfraderMerge branch 'kibi'
2013-11-24 Cyril Bruleboisd-i.debian.org: Adjust package list.
2013-11-18 Peter PalfraderMerge branch 'buxy'
2013-11-18 Raphaël HertzogAdd meta-package for tracker.debian.org
2013-11-15 Héctor Orón Martínezd/changelog: fixup entry due to alioth downtime
2013-11-15 Enrico ZiniAdded python-lzma
2013-11-06 Héctor Orón Martínezd/changelog: Append entry
2013-11-06 Bart Martensdebian.org-qa.debian.org: add postgresql-client
2013-10-24 Javier Fernández... Changes to mirror/debian.org.git (manpages.debian.org)
2013-10-13 Bernhard R. Linkadd python3, python3-psycopg2 to qa
2013-10-01 Peter Palfraderadd libfile-libmagic-perl to bugs
2013-09-21 Martin Zobel-Helasrelease debian.org version 52
2013-09-19 Julien CristauSwitch release.debian.org from python2.6 to python2.7.
2013-09-19 Julien CristauAdd dose-builddebcheck to buildd.debian.org.
2013-09-17 Cyril BruleboisAdd edos-distcheck to d-i.debian.org
2013-09-16 Peter Palfraderupdate buildd
2013-09-02 Peter Palfradersyntax fix
2013-09-02 Peter Palfraderget rid of extra recommends
2013-09-02 Helmut GrohneAdd debian.org-dedup.debian.net package.
2013-08-29 Martin Zobel-HelasMerge remote-tracking branch 'enrico/master'
2013-08-29 Enrico ZiniAway with php
2013-08-29 Martin Zobel-HelasMerge remote-tracking branch 'enrico/master'
2013-08-29 Enrico ZiniAdded python-markdown
2013-08-29 Enrico ZiniMerge branch 'master' of git://anonscm.debian.org/mirro...
2013-08-26 Simon Paillarddebian.org-packages.debian.org: switch from modperl...
2013-08-26 Enrico Zininm.debian.org: added python-django-south and postgresql...
2013-08-26 Enrico ZiniAdded two packages to nono
2013-08-24 Peter PalfraderUpdate changelog
2013-08-24 Ivo De Deckeradd python-yaml dependency to piuparts-master
2013-08-20 Peter Palfraderremove unneeded depends
2013-08-20 Peter Palfraderfix syntax and spacing
2013-08-20 Michael Stapelbergadd codesearch.debian.org package
2013-08-17 Peter Palfraderlibjs-jquery for nm
2013-06-14 Enrico ZiniAlso needs python-debian
2013-06-12 Peter PalfraderAdd a changelog entry for the nm update