piuparts wants adequate adequate
[debian.org.git] / debian / control
2017-02-25 Holger Levsenpiuparts wants adequate adequate
2017-02-25 Steve McIntyreAdd libdbd-sqlite3-perl for cdbuilder and cdimage-search
2017-02-13 Steve McIntyreadd xorriso for cdbuilder.debian.org
2017-02-12 Peter PalfraderAdd ipyhon3 to -recommended
2017-02-12 Peter Palfraderbs4 and alembic for mirror-master
2017-02-11 Peter PalfraderAdd debian.org-mirror-master.debian.org
2017-02-08 Peter Palfradermanpages.debian.org update
2017-01-28 Peter PalfraderSamuel Thibault: d-i: Add texlive-lang-european
2017-01-18 Emilio Pozuelo MonfortInstall libsoap-lite-perl on release.debian.org
2017-01-17 Peter PalfraderSamuel Thibault: d-i: replace fonts-ipafont-gothic...
2017-01-16 Peter Palfraderpull in nagios-plugins-contrib on nagios.d.o
2017-01-08 Peter Palfraderd-i: add fonts-freefont-ttf
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit: Update dependencies from dgit 2.11
2017-01-03 Julien CristauUpdate d-i.debian.org
2016-12-25 Niels ThykierInstall colordiff on release.d.o
2016-11-21 Steve McIntyreAdd qemu-system-arm for cdbuilder
2016-10-30 Joerg JaspertAdd a metapackage for upload master host
2016-10-30 Chris Lambftp-master.d.o: Install ack-grep
2016-10-29 Ansgar Burchardtftp-master.d.o: Install python3-{voluptuous,yaml}
2016-10-24 Paul Wisepdksh is a transitional dummy package for mksh, migrate...
2016-08-30 Helmut Grohnefirst step at moving dedup.d.n to python3
2016-08-25 Ana Guerrero LópezAdd python-feedparser dep for debian.org-bits.debian.org
2016-08-24 Johannes 'josch... Remove rsync and devscripts from the bootstrap.d.n...
2016-08-24 Johannes 'josch... Update the dependencies of the debian.org-bootstrap...
2016-08-23 Johannes 'josch... Add a debian.org-bootstrap.debian.net metapackage
2016-07-11 Lucas KanashiroAdd python-popcon as a new dependency on pet.debian.net
2016-05-27 Peter PalfraderFix appstream.debian.org patch
2016-05-27 Peter PalfraderDifferent appstream.debian.org, re RT#8165
2016-05-27 Peter PalfraderRevert "appstream.debian.org: Add dependencies for...
2016-05-26 Julien CristauAdd missing dependencies for release.d.o
2016-05-26 Peter PalfraderFix debian.org-ftpmaster.debian-ports.org
2016-05-26 Peter Palfraderappstream.debian.org: Add dependencies for appstream...
2016-05-26 Julien Cristaurelease.debian.org: + postgresql-client
2016-05-22 Julien Cristaudns.debian.org: add letsencrypt.sh
2016-05-16 Enrico ZiniUse django from backports on nono
2016-05-15 Paul Wisederiv census now needs apt-transport-https
2016-05-04 Paul WisePTS depneedsmaint stuff calls dd-list, which now needs...
2016-04-27 Aurelien JarnoAdd a debian.org-ftpdebian-ports.org metapackage
2016-03-06 Niels Thykierlintian.d.o: Add libdata-alias-perl dependency
2016-02-25 Peter Palfraderdebian.org-tracker.debian.org: python-django to 1.8...
2016-02-05 Enrico ZiniAdded python-six to debtags.debian.org
2016-02-05 Enrico ZiniAdded python-debiancontributors to debtags.debian.org
2016-02-01 Peter PalfraderMerge branch 'enrico'
2016-02-01 Enrico ZiniAdded g++ and libapt-pkg-dev to debtags.debian.org...
2016-02-01 Peter PalfraderRemove debtags.debian.net (we have a .org now)
2016-02-01 Enrico ZiniStarted a debtags.debian.org metapackage
2016-01-14 Andreas Tilleadd modules to prepare Python3 port of web sentinel
2016-01-13 Peter PalfraderFix qa dependency line
2016-01-13 Peter Palfraderremove locate from -recommended
2015-12-24 Julien Cristaurelease: add python{,3}-six
2015-12-24 Julien Cristaurelease.d.o wants python3-debian
2015-12-10 Matthias Klumppdebian.org-appstream.debian.org: + python3-matplotlib
2015-12-02 Raphaël Hertzogdebian.org-tracker.debian.org: + daemon python-pyinotify
2015-12-02 Peter PalfraderAdd a changelog entry (and call the metapackage .org)
2015-12-02 Don ArmstrongAdd debian.org-debian-r.debian.net package
2015-11-15 Paul WiseUse backports version of devscripts to drop code copy
2015-11-15 James McCoyqa: Depend on devscripts >= 2.15.9
2015-11-12 Enrico Zinidebian.org-nm.debian.org: + python3-psycopg2
2015-11-11 Matthias KlumppUpdate dependencies of debian.org-appstream.debian.org
2015-09-22 Aurelien JarnoRemove pelican build-deps from debian.org-bits.debian.org
2015-09-18 Aurelien JarnoAdd pelican to debian.org-bits.debian.org
2015-09-14 Luca Filipozzionto debian.org-www-debian.org, installed docbook-utils
2015-08-25 Peter Palfradergnutls-bin for sso [enrico]
2015-08-25 Peter Palfradersso.d.o updates
2015-08-25 Peter PalfraderAdd python3-requests for sso an nn [enrico]
2015-08-17 Cord Beermannadding pflogsumm to lists.d.o
2015-08-16 Enrico ZiniAdded missing package for bts data mining
2015-08-15 Enrico ZiniAdded python3-debian python3-six to debian.org-bugs...
2015-08-13 Cyril Bruleboisadd libxml-libxml-perl for d-i.d.o
2015-08-13 Julien Cristauadd libnet-oauth2-perl for lists.d.o
2015-08-12 Peter Palfraderlibgcrypt20-dev for lists
2015-08-10 Holger LevsenInstall python-lzma needed to support Packages.xz on...
2015-08-08 Peter Palfraderappstream: +python3-pygments
2015-07-09 Peter Palfraderpopcon: +libcgi-pm-perl
2015-07-09 Peter Palfradernm: drop python-gnupginterface
2015-07-08 Peter Palfraderwhitespace cleanup
2015-07-08 Peter PalfraderAdd python3-gi-cairo to appstream
2015-07-08 Peter PalfraderAdd debian.org-appstream.debian.org
2015-06-28 Ian Jacksondgit now uses just curl, not wget
2015-06-25 Julien CristauRemove duplicate libdigest-sha-perl from dgit.d.o depen...
2015-06-25 Julien CristauAdd changelog entry and small fixups for dgit.debian.org
2015-06-22 Ian JacksonProvide Depends for dgit.debian.org (gideon)
2015-06-09 Paul Wisewww-master needs libcgi-pm-perl for cgi.debian.org...
2015-06-02 Paul WiseWiki uses Perl CGI module which was split out of perl...
2015-06-01 Paul WiseDe-duplicate www-master.d.o dependencies
2015-05-31 Martin Zobel-Helasadd missing depends
2015-05-31 Peter Palfraderupdate snapshot ruby depends for jessie
2015-05-31 Paul Wiseqa.debian.org: madison.cgi now uses libyaml-syck-perl
2015-05-31 Paul WiseUse fonts-arphic-uming and fonts-mlym instead.
2015-05-30 Martin Zobel-Helasdrop ttf-arphic-uming and ttf-malayalam-fonts from...
2015-05-30 James McCoyadd libcgi-pm-perl for qa.d.o
2015-05-29 Peter Palfraderdedup: add python-sqlalchemy, python-ssdeep
2015-05-29 Peter Palfraderqa: replace db4.8-util dependency with db-util
2015-05-27 Peter Palfraderruby-json for udd
2015-05-27 Peter Palfraderdrop obsolete libjson-ruby
2015-05-17 Peter Palfraderruby-soap4r for ftpmaster
2015-05-16 Julien Cristauadd libcgi-pm-perl for ftpmaster
2015-05-16 Julien CristauUpdate ftpmaster and release dependencies for jessie
2015-05-15 Peter Palfraderlibnet-dns-sec-perl for bugs.d.o
2015-05-07 Niels Thykierlintian.d.o: Lintian needs YAML::XS