Add mtools for cdbuilder
[] / debian / control
2012-09-26 Steve McIntyreAdd mtools for cdbuilder
2012-09-07 Niels Thykierlintian: Add libarchive-zip-perl and libtext-levenshtei...
2012-09-05 Martin Zobel-Helasadd ethtool to
2012-08-30 David Prévotwww-master: use recent version of gawk
2012-08-06 Christian PERRIERAdd rrdtool for {i18n,l10n}
2012-07-20 Luca Filipozziapply patch submitted by Martijn van Oosterhout
2012-07-15 Stephen Grantypo
2012-07-15 Don ArmstrongAdd and
2012-07-13 Stephen GranAdd bwm-ng to -recommended
2012-07-13 Stephen GranAdd ccze to -recommended
2012-07-13 Peter PalfraderAdd libmail-rfc822-address-perl to bugs
2012-07-07 Martin Zobel-HelasMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2012-07-07 Martin Zobel-Helasadd opencc as per <CAFZbbGDFMfHyuwmYxRtdwvszqXFOxqzkj_5...
2012-07-07 Stephen Grannew package for udd
2012-06-30 Luca Filipozziperl Lucas, added libcrypt-ssleay-perl to udd metapackage
2012-06-26 Luca Filipozziadded python-dateutil to udd metapackage
2012-06-24 Luca Filipozziand a changelog
2012-06-24 Luca Filipozziadded packages per lucas
2012-06-20 Martin Zobel-HelasMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2012-06-20 Peter Palfraderlintian wants hardening-includes (>= 2.0)
2012-06-16 Martin Zobel-Helasfix the second comma
2012-06-16 Martin Zobel-Helasfix the syntax
2012-06-16 Felipe Augusto van... Add new dependencies for
2012-06-16 Felipe Augusto van... Add metapackages (ddtp|i18n|l10n)
2012-04-25 Martin Zobel-Helasadd metapackage
2012-04-13 Peter PalfraderMerge remote branch 'nthykier/master'
2012-04-13 Niels Thykierlintian.d.o: Add libclone-perl dependency
2012-03-08 Martin Zobel-Helasadd one more module
2012-03-08 Martin Zobel-Helasone more module
2012-03-08 Martin Zobel-Helasadd
2012-02-18 Enrico Zininm.d.o needs python-flup for fastcgi deployment
2012-02-18 Faidon LiambotisRemove dependencies from metapackage
2012-02-05 Peter Palfraderremove git from release
2012-02-05 Peter Palfraderkibi: Add git and git-email
2012-01-11 Raphael GeissertAdd devscripts for qa.d.o
2012-01-07 Enrico ZiniAdd package
2011-12-12 Peter Palfraderadd bc to -recommended
2011-11-26 Peter PalfraderMerge remote branch 'adsb/master'
2011-11-26 Adam D. replace python2.5{,-dev} with their...
2011-11-25 Iain Laneudd.d.o metapackage update
2011-11-24 Martin Zobel-Helaspython-zsi needed for PTS
2011-11-21 Martin Zobel-Helasadd new package
2011-11-06 Peter Palfraderadd tmux
2011-10-30 Peter PalfraderSyntax fixes
2011-10-30 David Prévotwww-master: add lmodern, texlive-lang-all
2011-10-27 Peter Palfraderremove littex, python2.4
2011-10-27 Peter Palfraderwww-master: remove python-xml
2011-10-18 Tollef Fog HeenMerge
2011-10-18 Steve McIntyreAdd libsoap-lite-perl for cdbuilder
2011-08-23 Peter Palfraderadd debhelper to lintian
2011-08-09 Peter Palfraderadd ncdu to -recommended
2011-08-09 Peter PalfraderMerge remote branch 'pkern/master'
2011-08-08 Philipp drop clasp, add openjdk-6-jre-headless
2011-08-01 Peter PalfraderMerge remote branch 'aba/master'
2011-08-01 Andreas Barthadd python3.1-dev as well to
2011-07-31 Tollef Fog HeenAdd clasp, picosat for (RT #3324)
2011-07-30 Peter PalfraderMerge remote branch 'aba/master'
2011-07-30 Andreas Barthalso add python3-apt for
2011-07-30 Peter Palfraderfix whitespace
2011-07-30 Peter PalfraderMerge remote branch 'aba/master'
2011-07-30 Andreas Barthadd python3.1 to
2011-07-26 Peter PalfraderMerge remote branch 'sledge/master'
2011-07-26 Steve McIntyreAdd devscripts for the cdbuilder package
2011-07-23 Martin Zobel-Helasadd python-dateutil to nm.d.o
2011-07-23 Martin Zobel-Helasadd python-xapian to nm.d.o
2011-07-23 Martin Zobel-Helasadd python-feedparser to dde
2011-07-22 Martin Zobel-Helasadd python-pyrss2gen to dde
2011-06-17 Peter Palfraderrrdtool for release
2011-06-15 Stephen Granadd imagemagick to depends for www-master
2011-06-09 Peter
2011-06-08 Martin Zobel-Helassome more depends for www-master
2011-06-06 Peter PalfraderAdd popcon
2011-06-06 Peter PalfraderAdd lintian.d.o
2011-06-02 Peter Palfraderrecommend iputils-tracepath and unbound-host
2011-05-05 David Prévotwww-master: add uni2ascii
2011-05-02 Peter Palfraderremove colordiff from ftpmaster package, move to -poneys
2011-05-01 Martin Zobel-Helasadd colordiff to ftpmaster
2011-04-30 Peter Palfraderbuildd: add libdpkg-perl
2011-04-30 Peter Palfraderbuildd: remove python-coverage-test-runner
2011-04-30 Peter Palfraderbuildd: remove db4.8-util, quinn-diff
2011-04-27 Peter Palfraderfix package name
2011-04-27 Peter Palfraderwomen.d.o package
2011-04-27 David Prévotwww-master: add iso-codes isoquery
2011-04-18 Peter PalfraderMerge remote branch 'symoon/master'
2011-04-18 Simon Paillardwww-master: add libsoap-lite-perl
2011-04-18 Peter PalfraderMerge remote branch 'sledge/master'
2011-04-16 Steve McIntyreadd cdimage-search metapackage
2011-04-16 Steve McIntyreMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2011-03-29 Peter Palfrader3 perls for jordi
2011-03-29 Peter PalfraderFix timeout dependency for planet
2011-03-26 Peter PalfraderAdd snapshot.d.o
2011-03-25 Peter Palfraderadd libmldbm-perl to udd
2011-03-24 Peter Palfraderadd udd.d.o
2011-03-21 Peter Palfraderupdate to release and ftp packages
2011-03-20 Stephen Granadd nagios plugins to the list of packages for
2011-03-19 Peter Palfraderremove obsolete python-simplejson | python (>= 2.6)
2011-03-19 Peter
2011-03-19 Peter PalfraderUpdate release.d.o dependencies
2011-03-19 Peter PalfraderMove lsscsi from -recommended to -recommended-linux...
2011-03-19 Peter Palfraderbuildd: remove dependency on postgresql-8.4