Drop dependency that does not exist in stable (at least for now)
[debian.org.git] / buildd-reboot
2017-04-11 Aurelien JarnoUpdate buildd-reboot to work with newer versions of...
2015-02-19 Julien CristauFix typo in buildd-reboot
2014-07-05 Peter PalfraderUpdate buildd-reboot script to also stop buildd2
2010-06-14 Peter Palfraderbuildd-reboot: change shutdown time to 1 minute from 15
2009-10-26 Peter Palfraderbuildd-reboot: Write 'delete-on-reboot' to no-daemon...
2009-10-24 Peter Palfraderbuildd-reboot: Only touch no-daemon-please if there...
2009-10-23 Peter PalfraderBetter stop while you're behind
2009-10-23 Peter Palfrader*sigh*
2009-10-23 Peter PalfraderAdd buildd-reboot script