Add wiki metapackage
[] / apt-in-chroot
2012-05-23 Peter Palfraderapt-in-chroot: fix PATH to include the sbin directories
2012-05-07 Peter Palfraderallow clean for apt-in-chroot
2012-02-24 Peter Palfraderfilter allowed chroots: only -dchroot matching names...
2012-02-24 Peter PalfraderAlso accept empty/no suffix in chroot name
2012-02-24 Peter Palfraderallow upgrade/dist-upgrade in apt-in-chroot
2012-02-08 Peter Palfraderactually do it
2012-02-08 Peter Palfraderapt-in-chroot: add schroot support
2012-01-09 Cyril Bruleboisapt-in-chroot: Allow apt-get update too.
2011-06-06 Stephen Granerm, and now with syntax
2011-06-05 Stephen Granmake apt-in-chroot work with dash
2011-04-16 Steve McIntyreMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2011-04-01 Peter PalfraderFix use of bashisms. well, "fix".
2010-04-21 Peter PalfraderMerge commit 'sledge/master'
2010-04-13 Martin Zobel-Helasdo proper input validation
2010-03-18 Martin Zobel-Helasadd apt-in-chroot