descriptionSearch for contents of Debian CDs
ownerSteve McIntyre
last changeMon, 21 Jun 2021 08:25:18 +0000 (09:25 +0100)
2021-06-21 Steve McIntyreTweak to cope with different DB file names master
2017-03-10 Steve McIntyreremove the 'new' db before trying to create a fresh one
2017-02-24 Steve McIntyreRelease version 0.11 v0.11
2017-02-24 Steve McIntyreActually use the new conf var for treedir
2017-02-24 Steve McIntyreAdd proper command-line parsing
2017-02-24 Steve McIntyreSet sane defaults for the update config
2017-02-24 Steve McIntyreAdd support for sqlite database instead of a hashdb...
2017-02-24 Steve McIntyreDetach the keepalive child thread, no need to wait...
2017-02-20 Steve McIntyreAdd keepalive code and debug to the local command line...
2017-02-20 Steve McIntyreMore tweaks for the keepalive code
2017-02-19 Steve McIntyreReduce problem with timeouts on long-running queries v0.10
2017-01-31 Steve McIntyreAdd favicon
2017-01-31 Steve McIntyreadd default config for
2017-01-31 Steve McIntyreuse https for resources
2016-03-27 Steve McIntyreMore sanitisation
2016-03-26 Steve McIntyreFix for another XSS hole
6 years ago v0.11 version 0.11
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8 years ago v0.9 tagging version 0.9
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