Tweak to cope with different DB file names
[debian-cd-search.git] /
2017-03-10 Steve McIntyreremove the 'new' db before trying to create a fresh one
2017-02-24 Steve McIntyreRelease version 0.11 v0.11
2017-02-24 Steve McIntyreActually use the new conf var for treedir
2017-02-24 Steve McIntyreAdd proper command-line parsing
2017-02-24 Steve McIntyreSet sane defaults for the update config
2017-02-24 Steve McIntyreAdd support for sqlite database instead of a hashdb...
2011-04-05 Steve McIntyreAdd copyright headers and boilerplate
2011-04-04 Steve McIntyreInitial code for generating CD contents database