2018-10-25 Steve McIntyreMake sure we're running with linux32
2018-10-25 Steve McIntyreCheck for cockups in the schroot setup
2018-10-25 Steve McIntyreMake sure we're in the queue directory
2018-10-25 Steve McIntyreTighten the missing build-deps match - ignore version
2018-10-25 Steve McIntyreCosmetic tweaks
2018-10-25 Steve McIntyreAdd an anchor link to the Summary section
2018-10-25 Steve McIntyreSort the summary output
2018-10-25 Steve McIntyreMatch more specific failures
2018-10-25 Steve McIntyreAdd support for logging some of what was matched in...
2018-10-25 Steve McIntyreMake single-line matches faster
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreMore verbose logging of timeouts
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreDon't append to the .running file, not needed
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreDetect misidentified architecture on the build system
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreFix broken regexp for BTS
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreBe more explicit about pbuilder dep resolution failing
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreList sbuild and pbuilder timeouts separately
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyrePick up on EPERM errors, seeing quite a few
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreMatch java errors reported by gradle
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreMatch build timeouts reported but sbuild
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreCheck for dh_auto_test reporting test failure
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreschroot really cares about ownership of its config
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreAdd support for notes from manual analysis
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreClose log file too
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyrePick up on make errors from debian/rules
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreStop saving FAIL_SOURCE logs separately
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreadd a state file to help track what's building where
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreInitial commit of build scripts and config