Ignore emacs backup files
[buildd-scripts.git] / bin /
2019-01-05 Steve McIntyreBe tighter on matching "SIGBUS"
2018-12-31 Steve McIntyreHelper script to copy note files from one arch to another
2018-12-31 Steve McIntyreFix missing >
2018-12-31 Steve McIntyreCosmetic tweaks for the bug filing data
2018-12-31 Steve McIntyreTally the new bugs filed
2018-12-29 Steve McIntyreCatch another alignment fault message
2018-12-29 Steve McIntyreCosmetic tweak
2018-12-29 Steve McIntyreUpdate count of logs needing analysis better
2018-12-23 Steve McIntyreAdd better version tracking
2018-12-23 Steve McIntyreAdd new test for detecting integer overflow in go code
2018-12-23 Steve McIntyreAdd helper for "never built on $ARCH" logs
2018-12-22 Steve McIntyreQuery buildd.d.o for details about failed packages
2018-12-20 Steve McIntyreTweak existing_bugs output
2018-12-20 Steve McIntyreAdd option to parse a list of known FTBFS bugs from UDD
2018-12-20 Steve McIntyreAdd Helmut's lovely UDD script
2018-12-20 Steve McIntyreCheck the logfile exists
2018-12-20 Steve McIntyreNew helper script
2018-12-20 Steve McIntyreSwitch ordering of two matches
2018-12-19 Steve McIntyreTrack what logs still need analysis
2018-12-19 Steve McIntyreAdd text to help track what things need looking at
2018-11-15 Steve McIntyreSeparate out build and out dirs by arch too
2018-11-15 Steve McIntyreAdd a new helper script requeue_by_log
2018-11-06 Steve McIntyreGah, cut and paste from test script failed
2018-11-06 Steve McIntyreFix log message
2018-11-06 Steve McIntyreDon't reset the counter every loop
2018-11-06 Steve McIntyreDetect if our script file has been changed and restart
2018-11-06 Steve McIntyreSlow down polling for jobs after we've been idle a...
2018-10-29 Steve McIntyreLoosen the match for dpkg-buildpackage
2018-10-29 Steve McIntyreAdd match for missing source package
2018-10-29 Steve McIntyreDeal with whitespace from the hostname command
2018-10-29 Steve McIntyreAdd more error matches
2018-10-29 Steve McIntyrePick up on broken build-conflicts
2018-10-29 Steve McIntyreAdd parentheses for clarity
2018-10-29 Steve McIntyreGrab the failed target name if we can
2018-10-29 Steve McIntyreMore tweaks to match rules
2018-10-29 Steve McIntyreAdd some boilerplate
2018-10-29 Steve McIntyreClassify errors found into groups
2018-10-29 Steve McIntyreAdd a timestamp on the "nothing to do" message
2018-10-29 Steve McIntyreReduce noise from apt
2018-10-29 Steve McIntyreMake get_package less noisy when there are no jobs
2018-10-29 Steve McIntyreFix up perms for chroot.d better
2018-10-29 Steve McIntyreDisable the binutils-aarch64 match, seeing false positives
2018-10-29 Steve McIntyreFix java message
2018-10-26 Steve McIntyreSwitch on emulation for CP15 barriers for all builds
2018-10-26 Steve McIntyreRemove the pbuilder code
2018-10-26 Steve McIntyreSet the temp dirs to be owned by sbuild
2018-10-25 Steve McIntyreCheck for cockups in the schroot setup
2018-10-25 Steve McIntyreMake sure we're in the queue directory
2018-10-25 Steve McIntyreTighten the missing build-deps match - ignore version
2018-10-25 Steve McIntyreCosmetic tweaks
2018-10-25 Steve McIntyreAdd an anchor link to the Summary section
2018-10-25 Steve McIntyreSort the summary output
2018-10-25 Steve McIntyreMatch more specific failures
2018-10-25 Steve McIntyreAdd support for logging some of what was matched in...
2018-10-25 Steve McIntyreMake single-line matches faster
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreMore verbose logging of timeouts
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreDon't append to the .running file, not needed
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreDetect misidentified architecture on the build system
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreFix broken regexp for BTS
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreBe more explicit about pbuilder dep resolution failing
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreList sbuild and pbuilder timeouts separately
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyrePick up on EPERM errors, seeing quite a few
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreMatch java errors reported by gradle
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreMatch build timeouts reported but sbuild
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreCheck for dh_auto_test reporting test failure
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreschroot really cares about ownership of its config
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreAdd support for notes from manual analysis
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreClose log file too
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyrePick up on make errors from debian/rules
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreStop saving FAIL_SOURCE logs separately
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreadd a state file to help track what's building where
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreInitial commit of build scripts and config