Ignore emacs backup files
[buildd-scripts.git] / bin / build-client
2018-11-15 Steve McIntyreSeparate out build and out dirs by arch too
2018-11-06 Steve McIntyreGah, cut and paste from test script failed
2018-11-06 Steve McIntyreFix log message
2018-11-06 Steve McIntyreDon't reset the counter every loop
2018-11-06 Steve McIntyreDetect if our script file has been changed and restart
2018-11-06 Steve McIntyreSlow down polling for jobs after we've been idle a...
2018-10-29 Steve McIntyreAdd a timestamp on the "nothing to do" message
2018-10-29 Steve McIntyreReduce noise from apt
2018-10-29 Steve McIntyreFix up perms for chroot.d better
2018-10-26 Steve McIntyreSwitch on emulation for CP15 barriers for all builds
2018-10-26 Steve McIntyreRemove the pbuilder code
2018-10-26 Steve McIntyreSet the temp dirs to be owned by sbuild
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreschroot really cares about ownership of its config
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreStop saving FAIL_SOURCE logs separately
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreadd a state file to help track what's building where
2018-10-24 Steve McIntyreInitial commit of build scripts and config