descriptionlocal scripts for doing Debian rebuilds
ownerSteve McIntyre
last changeFri, 11 Jan 2019 15:55:53 +0000 (15:55 +0000)
2019-01-11 Steve McIntyreIgnore emacs backup files master
2019-01-05 Steve McIntyreBe tighter on matching "SIGBUS"
2018-12-31 Steve McIntyreHelper script to copy note files from one arch to another
2018-12-31 Steve McIntyreFix missing >
2018-12-31 Steve McIntyreCosmetic tweaks for the bug filing data
2018-12-31 Steve McIntyreTally the new bugs filed
2018-12-29 Steve McIntyreCatch another alignment fault message
2018-12-29 Steve McIntyreCosmetic tweak
2018-12-29 Steve McIntyreUpdate count of logs needing analysis better
2018-12-23 Steve McIntyreAdd better version tracking
2018-12-23 Steve McIntyreAdd new test for detecting integer overflow in go code
2018-12-23 Steve McIntyreAdd helper for "never built on $ARCH" logs
2018-12-22 Steve McIntyreQuery buildd.d.o for details about failed packages
2018-12-20 Steve McIntyreTweak existing_bugs output
2018-12-20 Steve McIntyreAdd option to parse a list of known FTBFS bugs from UDD
2018-12-20 Steve McIntyreAdd Helmut's lovely UDD script
4 years ago master