2018-03-01 Steve McIntyreMassive string quoting cleanup
2018-03-01 Steve McIntyreStop using -o and -a syntax with if [ - use || or ...
2018-02-28 Steve McIntyreFix obvious bug in do_batch_gain()
2018-02-28 Steve McIntyreCode cleanup - stop using "`"
2018-02-27 Steve McIntyreMinor docs updates
2018-02-27 Steve McIntyreDeclare a versioned dependcy on WebService::MusicBrainz
2018-02-26 Nicolas GuillauminFix compatibility with WebService::MusicBrainz 1.x
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreAbort if we're configured to use Musicbrainz and the...
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreAdd emacs config to use tabs and tab width 4
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreFix broken indentation
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreFix typo is SunOS detection code
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreAdd Irix support
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreUpdate copyright notices
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreMore wrapping and quoting of variables
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreAdd more details about CD lookup interface files
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreCatch errors from abcde-musicbrainz-tool better
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreRecognise more existing Debian packages
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreAdd cd-discid to the known Debian packages too
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreBetter detection for Debian systems
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreSwitch from $ABCDETEMPDIR to ${ABCDETEMPDIR} globally
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreTweak text output
2018-02-25 Steve McIntyreRedirect stderr on "which" calls to clear up error...
2018-02-25 Steve McIntyreBetter handling of file copying in the different cddb...
2018-02-25 Steve McIntyreRemove duplicated entry in the GetOptions code
2018-02-25 Steve McIntyreDon't add $CDDBHOST to the datasource file
2018-02-25 Steve McIntyreFix code handling $NUM_CDDB_MATCHES in do_cddb_read
2018-02-21 Tom Samstagfix release year code
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreAdd more examples for filename munging in the example...
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreUpdate example config for cddb options
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreFix abcde.mkcue() when handling the --wholedisk option.
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreAdd mention of issue 42 for the cddb rework
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreStop hard-coding terminal length as 24 in various places
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreFix Musicbrainz ID calculation in makeids()
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreFix missing word in comment
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreFix indentation
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreMassive rework of CD lookup code to support multiple...
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreAdd support for storing musicbrainz lookups at chosen...
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreInitial effort to document abcde's inner workings
2017-12-02 Andrew StrongMan pages: Add details of abcde's post_encode function
2017-12-01 Andrew StrongAllow use of genre in embedalbumart function
2017-07-28 Andrew StrongExperimental support for embedding album art to ogg
2017-07-28 Andrew StrongFix embedding album art with single track encodes
2017-07-22 Andrew StrongUpdate 'available formats' in FAQ
2017-07-14 Andrew StrongSelect CDDBMETHOD from the command line
2017-07-14 Andrew StrongMakefile altered to reflect abcde 2.8.2
2017-07-14 Andrew StrongPart 2 of 2: AIFF encoding for abcde
2017-07-14 Andrew StrongPart 1 of 2: AIFF encoding for abcde
2017-06-25 Ville SkyttäSpelling fixes
2017-03-19 Andrew StrongUse md5 rather than md5sum under MacOS
2017-02-19 Andrew StrongAllow album art embedding for WavPack files
2017-02-04 Andrew StrongEmbed album art for mp3, flac and m4a
2017-02-01 Andrew StrongEditing the abcde maintainers...
2017-02-01 Matthias AndreeLocale fixes, and optimization, for CD-TEXT lookup
2017-02-01 Matthias Andreecddb-tool: force grep to read binaries as text
2017-01-24 Andrew StrongAdd documentation for dagrab options
2017-01-24 Andrew StrongRebadge t0 abcde 2.8.2-UNRELEASED
2017-01-18 Steve McIntyreRelease abcde version 2.8.1 v2.8.1
2017-01-18 Steve McIntyreAdd missing date in changelog file
2017-01-18 Steve McIntyreFix silly error introduced in abcde-musicbrainz-tool
2017-01-14 Steve McIntyresync packaging changes from the Debian 2.8-1 release
2017-01-14 Steve McIntyreRelease abcde version 2.8 v2.8
2017-01-13 Steve McIntyreSwitch default from "cddb" to "musicbrainz" for track...
2017-01-13 Steve McIntyreAdd "-L" to default curl options, to follow redirects...
2017-01-13 Steve McIntyreAdd "-a" to lots of grep calls in case of "binary"...
2017-01-13 Steve McIntyreRe-enable some commented out cdparanoia/debug code...
2017-01-12 Steve McIntyreTweak the fix in musicbrainz for handling sketchy retur...
2017-01-12 Steve McIntyreFix up handling of the first few sectors
2017-01-11 Steve McIntyreAdd Recommends on glyrc and imagemagick in Debian packaging
2017-01-06 Andrew StrongMinor changes to man pages for AAC
2017-01-06 Andrew StrongAAC cleanup for the included abcde.conf file
2017-01-04 Andrew StrongShow built-in FLACGAINOPTS in the sample .abcde.conf...
2016-12-25 Andrew StrongExtra variable for the albun art embedding example
2016-12-06 Andrew Strongabcde.conf: make fdkaac the default AAC encoder
2016-12-06 Andrew StrongRemove bladeenc from Debian 'depends'...
2016-12-06 Andrew StrongMake fdkaac default for m4a encoding
2016-09-21 Andrew StrongDocumentation for multiple CD lookup services.
2016-09-20 Steve McIntyreAdd support for trying multiple CD lookup services...
2016-09-20 Steve McIntyreStart development for 2.8 - some biggish changes coming...
2016-08-05 Andrew StrongBump the sample abcde.conf file to 2.7.3
2016-08-05 Andrew StrongExpand munge* functions
2016-08-02 Andrew StrongFAQs: Clarify the exit from multi-result CDDB search.
2016-07-19 Andrew StrongAllow multiple output formats when aac fallback is...
2016-06-21 Andrew StrongAdd forgotten release date for 2.7.2 Changelog
2016-06-21 Andrew StrongFix for some erroneous error and status logging.
2016-05-23 Andrew StrongName the development version: 2.7.3-UNRELEASED
2016-05-16 Steve McIntyreMisc FAQ updates
2016-05-16 Steve McIntyreupdate footer emails to match current maintainers
2016-04-13 Steve McIntyreUpdate current maintainer list in the README
2016-04-13 Steve McIntyres/http/https/ for various URLs
2016-04-13 Steve McIntyreUpdated debian files to match the 2.7.2-2 release
2016-04-06 Andrew StrongRelease version 2.7.2 v2.7.2
2016-03-26 Andrew StrongREADME adjusted for 2.7.2
2016-02-21 Steve McIntyreBugfix for year support in musicbrainz interface
2016-01-05 Ville SkyttäMan page syntax fixes
2016-01-02 Ville Skyttägrep cddb data with -a for better behavior with charset...
2016-01-02 Ville SkyttäDon't discard all previous cddbdata if a sed on cd...
2016-01-02 Ville SkyttäAnother indentation fix
2016-01-02 Ville SkyttäIndentation fixes
2016-01-01 Andrew StrongSupport usage of Matroska container (mka)
2015-12-25 Andrew StrongChangelog updates