2021-02-14 Steve McIntyreAdd -O / OVERRIDEALBUMARTDOWNLOAD option master
2019-12-18 Steve McIntyreDocumentation tweaks
2019-12-18 Steve McIntyreStart development for 2.9.4
2019-02-05 Steve McIntyrePrep 2.9.3 release v2.9.3
2019-01-15 Steve McIntyreWarn in abcde.conf about use of recode
2019-01-15 Steve McIntyreUpdate copyright year
2019-01-14 Steve McIntyreDeal with bizarre cdda2wav behaviour when doing cdtext...
2018-08-06 Steve McIntyreReplace non-portable sed code with some simple awk
2018-08-06 Steve McIntyreStart development for 2.9.3
2018-08-06 Steve McIntyreUpdate version number in the Makefile
2018-08-04 Steve McIntyreUpdate the debian package files to match the 2.9.2...
2018-08-02 Steve McIntyreRelease 2.9.2 v2.9.2
2018-08-02 Steve McIntyreMore fixups of track number padding
2018-08-02 Steve McIntyreAdd a missing changelog entry
2018-08-02 Steve McIntyreFix typo in the README file
2018-08-02 Steve McIntyreAdd a link to the CDDB data format in the abcde man...
2018-08-02 Steve McIntyreAlways call glyrc with LC_ALL=C
2018-04-21 Steve McIntyreDrop some more of the shellcheck-inspired changes
2018-04-21 Steve McIntyreFix up lookup code to deal with spaces etc. in director...
2018-03-11 Steve McIntyre(Maybe) cope with stub entries in MusicBrainz
2018-03-10 Steve McIntyreStart 2.9.2 development
2018-03-09 Steve McIntyreRelease 2.9.1 v2.9.1
2018-03-09 Steve McIntyreReally fix up counting the responses for musicbrainz...
2018-03-09 Steve McIntyreUse "ls $file*" rather than "echo $file*" to defeat...
2018-03-09 Steve McIntyreFix (again!) dealing with CDs with no release events
2018-03-09 Steve McIntyreCope with simple musicbrainz errors, e.g. disc not...
2018-03-08 Steve McIntyreMerge Debian packaging files updates
2018-03-08 Steve McIntyrePreparing release version 2.9 v2.9
2018-03-07 Steve McIntyreAdd more missing changelog entries
2018-03-07 Steve McIntyreAdd changelog entry to go with resume support in do_get...
2018-03-07 Steve McIntyreAdd a changelog entry to go with the Musicbrainz update
2018-03-05 Steve McIntyreFix usage of tput
2018-03-05 Steve McIntyreBetter handling of terminal length
2018-03-05 Steve McIntyreAdd version check before resuming from an old run
2018-03-05 Steve McIntyrePush the rest of the do_getalbumart() resume changes
2018-03-05 Steve McIntyreAdd resume support in do_getalbumart()
2018-03-05 Steve McIntyreFix up resuming with the new multi-lookup method code
2018-03-04 Steve McIntyreExtend Musicbrainz multi-artist support
2018-03-04 Steve McIntyreDon't quote things in "for i in $foo" - it will break...
2018-03-04 Steve McIntyreUndo more quoting changes
2018-03-04 Steve McIntyreFix getopts setup for "P"
2018-03-03 Steve McIntyreDoh! Silly thinko bug
2018-03-03 Steve McIntyreComment each of the exported variables
2018-03-03 Steve McIntyreReinstate some uses of "eval" to allow for unpadding...
2018-03-02 Steve McIntyreRemove some quoting that seems to be causing problems
2018-03-02 Steve McIntyreDon't quote assignment of TRACKS - let the script lose...
2018-03-01 Steve McIntyreWrap some output messages so they fit on a standard...
2018-03-01 Steve McIntyreWrap and shorten some very long lines
2018-03-01 Steve McIntyreUpdate comments on the page() function
2018-03-01 Steve McIntyreFix indentation
2018-03-01 Steve McIntyreChange variable name to clarify code
2018-03-01 Steve McIntyreFix tr usage
2018-03-01 Steve McIntyreFactor out repeated code and make page() more useful
2018-03-01 Steve McIntyreShow the blank template if selected so the user can...
2018-03-01 Steve McIntyreFix quoting of PATTERN - it clearly needs to substitute...
2018-03-01 Steve McIntyreAdd a datasource.0 file saying "template" if we need it
2018-03-01 Steve McIntyreMassive string quoting cleanup
2018-03-01 Steve McIntyreStop using -o and -a syntax with if [ - use || or ...
2018-02-28 Steve McIntyreFix obvious bug in do_batch_gain()
2018-02-28 Steve McIntyreCode cleanup - stop using "`"
2018-02-27 Steve McIntyreMinor docs updates
2018-02-27 Steve McIntyreDeclare a versioned dependcy on WebService::MusicBrainz
2018-02-26 Nicolas GuillauminFix compatibility with WebService::MusicBrainz 1.x
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreAbort if we're configured to use Musicbrainz and the...
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreAdd emacs config to use tabs and tab width 4
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreFix broken indentation
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreFix typo is SunOS detection code
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreAdd Irix support
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreUpdate copyright notices
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreMore wrapping and quoting of variables
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreAdd more details about CD lookup interface files
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreCatch errors from abcde-musicbrainz-tool better
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreRecognise more existing Debian packages
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreAdd cd-discid to the known Debian packages too
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreBetter detection for Debian systems
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreSwitch from $ABCDETEMPDIR to ${ABCDETEMPDIR} globally
2018-02-26 Steve McIntyreTweak text output
2018-02-25 Steve McIntyreRedirect stderr on "which" calls to clear up error...
2018-02-25 Steve McIntyreBetter handling of file copying in the different cddb...
2018-02-25 Steve McIntyreRemove duplicated entry in the GetOptions code
2018-02-25 Steve McIntyreDon't add $CDDBHOST to the datasource file
2018-02-25 Steve McIntyreFix code handling $NUM_CDDB_MATCHES in do_cddb_read
2018-02-21 Tom Samstagfix release year code
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreAdd more examples for filename munging in the example...
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreUpdate example config for cddb options
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreFix abcde.mkcue() when handling the --wholedisk option.
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreAdd mention of issue 42 for the cddb rework
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreStop hard-coding terminal length as 24 in various places
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreFix Musicbrainz ID calculation in makeids()
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreFix missing word in comment
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreFix indentation
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreMassive rework of CD lookup code to support multiple...
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreAdd support for storing musicbrainz lookups at chosen...
2018-02-21 Steve McIntyreInitial effort to document abcde's inner workings
2017-12-02 Andrew StrongMan pages: Add details of abcde's post_encode function
2017-12-01 Andrew StrongAllow use of genre in embedalbumart function
2017-07-28 Andrew StrongExperimental support for embedding album art to ogg
2017-07-28 Andrew StrongFix embedding album art with single track encodes
2017-07-22 Andrew StrongUpdate 'available formats' in FAQ
2017-07-14 Andrew StrongSelect CDDBMETHOD from the command line