For some reason some lines were removed from the tree, without my knowlegde. Some...
[abcde.git] / debian /
2005-05-07 Jesus Climent* Erase option to remove the encoded status of the...
2005-01-15 Jesus Climent- trunk/debian/control
2004-11-24 Jesus Climentbug corrected
2004-11-09 Jesus Climentlast changes before 2.2
2004-11-09 Jesus ClimentSmall fixes in TRACKNAME
2004-11-07 Jesus ClimentPreparing for 2.2 release
2004-10-03 Jesus Climentabcde.conf
2004-10-02 Jesus ClimentDoc rework
2004-09-25 Jesus ClimentSmall correction for the ()'s under MacOSX
2004-08-30 Jesus ClimentIntroduced -f to force local cddb or template
2004-08-28 Jesus Climentnormalize-audio and files erased by the ripping tool
2004-08-20 Jesus Climentnormalize changed with normalize-audio
2004-08-13 Jesus Climentabcde.conf, debian/changelog
2004-07-31 Jesus ClimentIt is a dynamic file, so out
2004-07-31 Jesus Climentdebian/changelog
2004-07-30 Jesus Climent* abcde.conf, abcde, abcde.1
2004-07-30 Jesus ClimentMany bug fixes went into this update:
2004-07-11 Jesus Climentabcde.conf
2004-06-22 Jesus Climent2.2-pre check-in
2004-06-22 Jesus ClimentCheck-in after database failure