Add Recommends on glyrc and imagemagick in Debian packaging
[abcde.git] / debian / control
2017-01-11 Steve McIntyreAdd Recommends on glyrc and imagemagick in Debian packaging
2016-12-06 Andrew StrongRemove bladeenc from Debian 'depends'...
2016-04-13 Steve McIntyreUpdated debian files to match the 2.7.2-2 release
2015-11-02 Steve McIntyreUpdate the Homepage in debian/control
2015-06-16 Steve McIntyreUpdate the Vcs- fields to point to current upstream
2015-06-16 Steve McIntyreRemove Jesus and Colin from Maintainer and Uploaders...
2015-06-16 Steve McIntyreMerge latest versions of Debian packaging files
2015-04-14 Andrew Strongmp3gain removed from 'Recommends' in Debian/control
2015-01-28 Andrew StrongAdd WavPack to debian/control
2015-01-28 Andrew StrongRemove AtomicParsley from debian/control
2014-10-26 Steve McIntyreTry to use bsd-mailx where possible for cddb-tool
2012-12-14 Andrew David StrongAdds opus encoding support, thanks to Tomasz Golinski...
2012-11-27 Steve McIntyreSwitch from Musepack SV7 to SV8. Thanks to Andrew Stron...
2012-06-17 Colin TuckleyRemove the "A " from the beginning of the description...
2012-06-12 Steve McIntyreAdd Recommends: atomicparsley in the Debian packaging...
2012-05-02 Steve McIntyreAdd Recommends: mailx in the Debian packaging for Debia...
2012-04-18 Steve McIntyre * Several patches for improved Musicbrainz support...
2012-04-13 Steve McIntyreUpdate debian packaging for new release
2010-02-27 Colin TuckleyBump version to 2.4.2
2010-02-14 Colin Tuckleyadd ${misc:Depends} to debian/control to keep lintian...
2009-10-16 Colin TuckleyUpdate standards version to 3.8.3 (no changes required).
2009-10-16 Colin TuckleyReplace dependency on cdda2wav with icedax
2009-08-02 Colin TuckleyFix debian/preinst not to ignore errors.
2009-07-28 Colin TuckleyAdd a recommends for vorbis-tools (Closes: #392843)
2009-07-28 Colin TuckleyUpdate Vcs-Svn: tag in debian/control
2009-07-24 Colin TuckleyMinor packaging changes.
2007-11-10 Jesus ClimentMoved to the new svn repository
2006-10-16 Jesus ClimentLast bug fixes
2006-08-07 Jesus ClimentTagged
2006-08-05 Jesus ClimentStandards to
2005-12-10 Jesus ClimentAdding musicbrainz support. First bits.
2005-10-07 Jesus Climent r199@frost: data | 2005-10-07 21:17:07 +0300
2005-10-06 Jesus Climent r195@frost: data | 2005-10-07 01:01:30 +0300
2005-10-03 Jesus ClimentPut back the official release and remove $ID$
2005-08-27 Jesus Climent r140@frost: data | 2005-08-27 04:03:59 +0300
2005-01-15 Jesus Climent- trunk/debian/control
2004-11-07 Jesus ClimentPreparing for 2.2 release
2004-07-11 Jesus Climentabcde.conf
2004-06-22 Jesus Climent2.2-pre check-in
2004-06-22 Jesus ClimentCheck-in after database failure