Support for WavPack added. Closes issue 123.
[abcde.git] / abcde
2015-01-08 Andrew StrongSupport for WavPack added. Closes issue 123.
2015-01-08 Andrew StrongeyeD3 version switch < 0.7 vs. >= 0.7
2015-01-08 Andrew Strongaac encoding renovations:
2015-01-07 Andrew StrongBranding the development version: 2.6.1-UNRELEASED
2014-11-09 Ville SkyttäDrop EXTRAVERBOSE debugging noise
2014-11-09 Ville SkyttäRemove stale -B option comment
2014-11-09 Ville SkyttäTrim trailing whitespace
2014-11-09 Ville SkyttäRemove CVS keywords
2014-11-09 Ville SkyttäComment spelling fix
2014-10-26 Steve McIntyreRelease version 2.6 2.6
2014-10-26 Steve McIntyreMore EXTRAVERBOSE tweaks
2014-10-26 Steve McIntyreMore tweaks for Y/N question style
2014-10-26 Steve McIntyreConcatenate option steps on -t/-T option
2014-10-26 Steve McIntyreRemove the no-op -B option
2014-10-26 Steve McIntyreMake Y/N prompting more consistent
2014-10-26 Steve McIntyreFix eyeD3 tagging for cddb entries without year
2014-10-26 Steve McIntyreFix option parsing for multiple output formats
2014-10-26 Steve McIntyreTweak the handling of the EXTRAVERBOSE transition
2014-10-26 Steve McIntyreTweak the DISCID calculation slightly
2014-10-25 Steve McIntyreRemove no-op -q option
2014-07-01 Andrew StrongCorrected invalid tagging in OGG opus file.
2013-08-05 Andrew David StrongCorrects syntax for the --comment tag with newer eyeD3.
2013-04-26 Andrew David StrongAdd support for cd ripper pird.
2013-04-19 Andrew David StrongSyntax changes required by eyeD3 versions 0.7.0 and...
2013-04-15 Andrew David StrongRemoval of some problematic whitespace generated on...
2013-04-08 Andrew David StrongFine tuning to the EJECT function of abcde in MacOSX.
2012-12-19 Steve McIntyreFix typo: s/CUEWAVEFILE/CUEWAVFILE/ so that abcde.mkcue...
2012-12-14 Andrew David StrongAdds opus encoding support, thanks to Tomasz Golinski...
2012-12-06 Andrew David StrongAllows encoding with neroAacEnc, thanks to atheren...
2012-11-27 Steve McIntyreSwitch from Musepack SV7 to SV8. Thanks to Andrew Stron...
2012-09-26 Steve McIntyre * Fix infinite loop if cddb fails. Thanks to Dominic...
2012-09-26 Steve McIntyre * Clean up movement to eyeD3, remove id3v2 remnants...
2012-09-26 Steve McIntyre * USEID3 and USEID3V2 variables are unused now, so...
2012-09-26 Steve McIntyre * Fix finding $CDROM on OS X. Thanks to niederstrasse...
2012-09-18 Steve McIntyreopen 2.5.5 development
2012-09-18 Steve McIntyreRelease 2.5.4
2012-06-30 Steve McIntyreAdd missing eyed3 TAGGEROPTS
2012-06-29 Steve McIntyreSwitch to eyed3 by default for MP3 tagging, as it looks...
2012-06-29 Steve McIntyreFix the command line for ID3SYNTAX=eyed3. Thanks to...
2012-06-20 Steve McIntyrestart 2.5.4 development
2012-06-16 Steve McIntyreFix quoting error in case cddb-choice not set yet
2012-06-16 Steve McIntyreupdate copyright notices, adding Colin and Steve
2012-06-16 Steve McIntyreRelease 2.5.3
2012-06-15 Steve McIntyreFor safety across different systems, avoid using "sed...
2012-06-14 Steve McIntyreFixes for lots of spelling mistakes from vskytta. Close...
2012-06-13 Steve McIntyreTweak do_cdtext() so it works on OS X too. Closes issue 65.
2012-06-13 Steve McIntyreMake sure that ABCDETEMPDIR is quoted so we can deal...
2012-06-13 Steve McIntyre * Fix use of awk (sub instead of substr) when generat...
2012-06-13 Steve McIntyreRemove documentation of the old "-R" option for recursi...
2012-05-19 Steve McIntyreFix do_musicbrainz() for the case where there are no...
2012-05-14 Steve McIntyreFix encoding call for m4a. (Closes issue 31).
2012-04-30 Steve McIntyre * Sort options alphabetically (Closes issue 58).
2012-04-30 Steve McIntyrestart 2.5.3 development
2012-04-29 Steve McIntyre * Re-fix speex tagging. (Closes issue 19).
2012-04-25 Steve McIntyrePrepare for 2.5.1 release
2012-04-20 Steve McIntyreClean up the CD-Text output a little
2012-04-20 Steve McIntyre * Try to give more helpful error messages when we...
2012-04-20 Steve McIntyre * If we don't find any CDDB or Musicbrainz informatio...
2012-04-19 Steve McIntyre * With EXTRAVERBOSE==2 or more, make run_command...
2012-04-19 Steve McIntyre * Change the meaning of EXTRAVERBOSE; previously...
2012-04-19 Steve McIntyreCheck that we have $CDDBTOOL before we start. (Closes...
2012-04-19 Steve McIntyre + Add suggested diskutil code to auto-detect the...
2012-04-19 Steve McIntyre * Updates for CD device detection:
2012-04-19 Steve McIntyreOn OS X, switch from disktool to diskutil. (Closes...
2012-04-19 Steve McIntyreAdd ATOMICPARSLEY=AtomicParsley (Closes issue 37).
2012-04-19 Steve McIntyre * Fix aac tagging. (Closes issue 7).
2012-04-19 Steve McIntyre * Fix speex tagging. (Closes issue 19).
2012-04-19 Colin Tuckleyimprove presentation of options/defaults when asking...
2012-04-18 Colin TuckleyCleaned up changelog indentation
2012-04-18 Steve McIntyreSet version number for development
2012-04-18 Steve McIntyreDon't tag CDDB string with musicbrainz id
2012-04-18 Steve McIntyreDon't submit to CDDB server when using musicbrainz
2012-04-18 Steve McIntyre * Several patches for improved Musicbrainz support...
2012-04-13 Steve McIntyre * Make the -q option work again. Thanks to A Mennucc...
2012-04-13 Steve McIntyreAdd support for Musicbrainz using a perl helper script.
2010-05-29 Colin TuckleyFix leadin/leadout computation for cue files broken bug
2010-03-31 Charles SteinkuehlerWhitespace cleanup (trailing spaces, leading space...
2010-03-13 Colin TuckleyFix Cue file always references "dummy.wav" bug
2010-02-27 Colin TuckleyRemove outdated comment about ID3TAGV
2010-02-14 Colin Tuckleyreally change the version (and the dates)
2009-11-08 Colin TuckleyFix mp3 tagging fails for single author albums
2009-11-08 Colin TuckleyFix syntax error in tagged speex command
2009-10-30 Colin TuckleyAdd configurable options for replaygain tools.
2009-10-21 Colin TuckleyIn manpage note a 2nd use for LOWDISK (or '-l' switch)
2009-10-17 Colin TuckleyFix typo of replaygain
2009-10-16 Colin TuckleyReplace dependency on cdda2wav with icedax
2009-10-14 Colin TuckleyFix formatting for track number tagging
2009-10-05 Colin TuckleyIncorporate syntax error fix patch from Andrew Ruder
2009-08-12 Jesus Climent* Bumped to 2.4
2009-07-26 Colin TuckleyFix Endless loop possible when mp3gain asks clipping...
2009-07-26 Colin TuckleyAdd support for freedb2
2009-07-26 Colin TuckleyFix broken range code, patch from Charles Steinkuehler
2009-07-26 Colin TuckleyFix Writable temp directories not owned/writeable
2009-07-26 Colin TuckleyFix misspelling of comma in script and manpage
2009-07-26 Colin TuckleyFix typo in NOGAP error message
2009-07-26 Colin TuckleyRemove svn "Revision" tag from version because
2009-07-25 Colin TuckleyFix syntax error (missing fi)
2008-06-10 Jesus ClimentAdded compatibility with wget 1.11
2008-06-10 Jesus ClimentMinor typos.
2008-06-05 Jesus ClimentSmall changes