Fix broken range code, patch from Charles Steinkuehler
[abcde.git] / abcde
2009-07-26 Colin TuckleyFix broken range code, patch from Charles Steinkuehler
2009-07-26 Colin TuckleyFix Writable temp directories not owned/writeable
2009-07-26 Colin TuckleyFix misspelling of comma in script and manpage
2009-07-26 Colin TuckleyFix typo in NOGAP error message
2009-07-26 Colin TuckleyRemove svn "Revision" tag from version because
2009-07-25 Colin TuckleyFix syntax error (missing fi)
2008-06-10 Jesus ClimentAdded compatibility with wget 1.11
2008-06-10 Jesus ClimentMinor typos.
2008-06-05 Jesus ClimentSmall changes
2007-06-07 Jesus ClimentAdded DISCNUMBER to Ogg/Vorbis and FLAC
2007-03-22 Jesus ClimentCorrected a missing if/fi
2007-03-22 Jesus ClimentAdded YEAR and GENRE to replaygain()
2006-11-19 Jesus ClimentMan page wrapping corrected.
2006-10-16 Jesus ClimentLast bug fixes
2006-10-01 Jesus ClimentLast changes... we are getting bugs fixed and ready...
2006-09-22 Jesus ClimentAdded -nv to wget to avoid wget complaints
2006-08-05 Jesus ClimentTypo in patch
2006-08-05 Jesus ClimentSmall changes documented and some typo corrected
2006-08-05 Jesus ClimentRemoved -u in favour of -U
2006-08-05 Jesus Climentabcde.1, abcde.conf
2006-08-05 Jesus Climent* Updated changelog ;)
2006-04-17 Jesus ClimentDoc bits.
2006-04-17 Jesus ClimentSmall change in doc.
2006-04-11 Jesus ClimentCorrected ftp options for NetBSD.
2006-04-06 Jesus ClimentStill not using embedded CDDB info in FLAC files...
2006-04-02 Jesus ClimentApplied some more patches.
2006-03-23 Jesus ClimentMoving to UTF-8 since Debian etch installs it by default.
2006-03-07 Jesus ClimentMissing quotes for flac files with spaces added.
2006-02-08 Jesus ClimentDo not show with page if we are non-interactive
2006-02-07 Jesus ClimentAdded remark to multiple local CDDB non-interactive...
2006-02-07 Jesus ClimentSunOS is not Solaris...
2006-02-06 Jesus ClimentNon-interactive multiple local choice was broken. Quick...
2006-02-05 Jesus ClimentRepaired do_encode since it had multiple output breakage
2006-02-05 Jesus ClimentMissing space after a quote on a test statement
2006-02-04 Jesus ClimentAdded id3ed as a ID3 editor.
2006-02-03 Jesus ClimentSmall cosmetic changes.
2006-02-02 Jesus ClimentIf the input CDROM is a file, check for the file.
2006-01-26 Jesus ClimentSome quotes added.
2006-01-26 Jesus ClimentTagged
2006-01-22 Jesus Climent r267@frost: data | 2006-01-22 21:28:41 +0200
2006-01-18 Jesus ClimentReverting change for do_playlist when ONETRACK is y
2006-01-17 Jesus ClimentAllow cue extraction from a flac file.
2006-01-17 Jesus ClimentTypo in cdda2wav LASTTRACK corrected.
2006-01-16 Jesus ClimentStart the CDDB code with a sane "notfound" default.
2006-01-16 Jesus ClimentOld debug entries removed.
2006-01-15 Jesus ClimentSmall typo.
2006-01-15 Jesus ClimentMoved the setting of IMPORTCUEFILE outside the subshell
2006-01-15 Jesus ClimentRemoved an old >/tmp/log used for debuging
2006-01-15 Jesus ClimentAdded a check for the embeded cuesheet in a flac file
2006-01-15 Jesus Climentimport the cuefile in the flac onetrack output
2006-01-15 Jesus ClimentReverted the modification of UTRACKNUM
2006-01-15 Jesus ClimentThe only missing part of one flac and embedded cuesheet...
2006-01-10 Jesus ClimentMore work for the recursive CDDB code
2006-01-09 Jesus ClimentMore CDDB in recursive local repository work
2006-01-08 Jesus ClimentRecursive CDDB local dir work
2006-01-05 Jesus ClimentMore work on musicbrainz support
2006-01-02 Jesus ClimentAdded a missing $.
2005-12-22 Jesus Climent r237@frost: data | 2005-12-22 12:46:47 +0200
2005-12-10 Jesus ClimentAdding musicbrainz support. First bits.
2005-12-10 Jesus ClimentReworked comparison for numerical answer when selecting...
2005-11-29 Jesus ClimentRelease
2005-11-08 Jesus ClimentRemoved useless code and comments
2005-11-06 Jesus ClimentRemoved decho calls, since we output the same info
2005-11-05 Jesus ClimentRewritten warning information.
2005-11-04 Jesus ClimentAdded some OUTPUT changes in do_encode to match the...
2005-11-04 Jesus ClimentWe want a proper version string...
2005-11-04 Jesus ClimentAdded proper wording for the log outputs so it does...
2005-11-03 Jesus ClimentSmall cleanups
2005-11-03 Jesus ClimentAdded revision to the version string in abcde script
2005-11-03 Jesus ClimentChanged sh to bash for the time being, until I find...
2005-10-25 Jesus ClimentAdded replaygain to mpp
2005-10-22 Jesus ClimentAdded info about unicode in the man file.
2005-10-20 Jesus ClimentTODO rework
2005-10-11 Jesus ClimentDisable eject when -C is passed on the command line.
2005-10-10 Jesus ClimentUpdated TODO
2005-10-09 Jesus Climent r201@frost: data | 2005-10-09 23:33:37 +0300
2005-10-07 Jesus Climent r197@frost: data | 2005-10-07 18:22:25 +0300
2005-10-06 Jesus Climent r195@frost: data | 2005-10-07 01:01:30 +0300
2005-10-06 Jesus Climent r192@frost: data | 2005-10-06 18:26:48 +0300
2005-10-06 Jesus Climent r191@frost: data | 2005-10-06 17:31:08 +0300
2005-10-06 Jesus Climent r189@frost: data | 2005-10-06 16:38:41 +0300
2005-10-06 Jesus Climent r187@frost: data | 2005-10-06 15:41:10 +0300
2005-10-05 Jesus ClimentWith debug we dont want to have the CD ejected
2005-10-04 Jesus Climent r183@frost: data | 2005-10-05 01:09:04 +0300
2005-10-03 Jesus Climent r181@frost: data | 2005-10-04 01:31:34 +0300
2005-10-03 Jesus ClimentAdded a check for the KEEPWAVS variable before announci...
2005-10-03 Jesus ClimentPut back the official release and remove $ID$
2005-10-03 Jesus Climent r176@frost: data | 2005-10-02 18:23:37 +0300
2005-10-02 Jesus Climent r174@frost: data | 2005-10-02 15:29:31 +0300
2005-09-27 Jesus Climent r168@frost: data | 2005-09-19 10:27:33 +0300
2005-09-12 Jesus ClimentMake cdparanoia-audio-tracks be silent
2005-09-06 Jesus ClimentChange cdparanoia-tracks to = in the status file
2005-09-03 Jesus Climent2.3.4 finally released
2005-09-02 Jesus ClimentDeleted useless false calls to run_command that ended...
2005-08-31 Jesus Climent r160@frost: data | 2005-08-31 15:59:53 +0300
2005-08-31 Jesus ClimentAdded quotes all over the place, to avoid the asterisk...
2005-08-31 Jesus ClimentAdded quotes to the code to process options passed...
2005-08-30 Jesus ClimentCheck for errors in replaygain action.
2005-08-30 Jesus ClimentTypos.
2005-08-30 Jesus ClimentRework the move code to not move a set of files if...