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[abcde.git] / abcde.1
2015-08-29 Andrew StrongEncoding to True Audio (Part 3)
2015-08-29 Andrew StrongEncoding to True Audio (Part 2)
2015-07-31 Andrew StrongMPEG-1 Audio Layer II (mp2) encoding with FFmpeg /...
2015-07-24 Andrew StrongSupport added for MPEG-1 Audio Layer II (mp2) encoding
2015-07-19 Andrew StrongClarify the usage for FFMPEGENCOPTS
2015-07-17 Andrew StrongEncoding to WavPack with FFmpeg
2015-07-13 Andrew StrongEncode to m4a container with either FFmpeg or avconv
2015-07-10 Andrew StrongAAC encoding with fhgaacenc and wine
2015-06-26 Andrew StrongDocument the usage of refalac for alac files
2015-06-21 Andrew StrongSupport added for AAC encoding with qaac via Wine
2015-06-20 Andrew StrongClarify encoding using single track FLAC and cue sheet
2015-06-18 Andrew StrongAdd 'Andrew Strong' as man page contributor
2015-05-23 Andrew StrongRewrite the mungefilename function
2015-05-08 Andrew StrongUSEPIPES information added to the abcde FAQ doc
2015-05-02 Andrew StrongAlbum art (Part 3 of3)
2015-04-24 Andrew StrongUpdates to the man pages for libcdio (cd-paranoia)
2015-04-09 Andrew Strongaac renovations part two...
2015-03-31 Andrew StrongMinor Musepack encoding cleanup
2015-03-28 Andrew StrongReplaygain for WavPack files
2015-03-20 Andrew StrongMonkey's Audio encoding (re-)added
2015-03-20 Andrew StrongTemporarily revert Monkey's Audio commit....
2015-03-20 Andrew StrongMonkey's Audio (ape) encoding added
2015-02-05 Andrew StrongCDDBLOCALRECURSIVE is required for local CDDB search
2015-01-08 Andrew StrongSupport for WavPack added. Closes issue 123.
2015-01-08 Andrew Strongaac encoding renovations:
2014-11-09 Ville SkyttäMan page escape syntax fix
2014-11-09 Ville SkyttäTrim trailing whitespace
2014-10-26 Steve McIntyreDocument the need to escape parentheses in tag comments
2014-10-26 Steve McIntyreRemove the no-op -B option
2014-10-26 Steve McIntyreAdd mention of CD-TEXT support in the man page.
2014-10-25 Steve McIntyreRemove no-op -q option
2013-04-26 Andrew David StrongAdd support for cd ripper pird.
2012-12-14 Andrew David StrongAdds opus encoding support, thanks to Tomasz Golinski...
2012-12-09 Andrew David StrongCorrected some man page typos, thanks vskytta for the...
2012-12-06 Andrew David StrongAdded documentation for the neroAacEnc aac/m4a encoder.
2012-11-27 Steve McIntyreSwitch from Musepack SV7 to SV8. Thanks to Andrew Stron...
2012-09-26 Steve McIntyre * Clean up movement to eyeD3, remove id3v2 remnants...
2012-06-13 Steve McIntyreRemove documentation of the old "-R" option for recursi...
2012-04-30 Steve McIntyre * Sort options alphabetically (Closes issue 58).
2012-04-19 Steve McIntyre * Change the meaning of EXTRAVERBOSE; previously...
2012-04-13 Steve McIntyre * Tweak man page. Thanks to Mats Erik Andersson for...
2012-04-13 Steve McIntyreAdd support for Musicbrainz using a perl helper script.
2009-10-30 Colin TuckleyAdd configurable options for replaygain tools.
2009-10-21 Colin TuckleyIn manpage note a 2nd use for LOWDISK (or '-l' switch)
2009-10-17 Jesus ClimentAdded a OUTPUTTYPE example.
2009-10-17 Colin TuckleyFix Hyphen/Minus signs in manpage.
2009-10-16 Colin TuckleyReplace dependency on cdda2wav with icedax
2009-07-26 Colin TuckleyFix misspelling of comma in script and manpage
2007-06-07 Jesus ClimentAdded DISCNUMBER to Ogg/Vorbis and FLAC
2006-11-19 Jesus ClimentMan page wrapping corrected.
2006-10-01 Jesus ClimentLast changes... we are getting bugs fixed and ready...
2006-08-05 Jesus ClimentSmall changes documented and some typo corrected
2006-08-05 Jesus Climentabcde.1, abcde.conf
2006-04-17 Jesus ClimentDoc bits.
2006-04-17 Jesus ClimentSmall change in doc.
2006-02-07 Jesus ClimentMerged changes for
2006-01-22 Jesus Climent r267@frost: data | 2006-01-22 21:28:41 +0200
2006-01-08 Jesus Climent r246@frost: data | 2006-01-08 14:07:26 +0200
2006-01-08 Jesus ClimentRecursive CDDB local dir work
2005-11-06 Jesus ClimentTypo in man page
2005-11-04 Jesus ClimentAdded -z in the man page
2005-10-25 Jesus ClimentAdded replaygain to mpp
2005-10-22 Jesus ClimentAdded info about unicode in the man file.
2005-10-09 Jesus Climent r201@frost: data | 2005-10-09 23:33:37 +0300
2005-10-06 Jesus Climent r195@frost: data | 2005-10-07 01:01:30 +0300
2005-10-06 Jesus Climent r187@frost: data | 2005-10-06 15:41:10 +0300
2005-10-02 Jesus Climent r174@frost: data | 2005-10-02 15:29:31 +0300
2005-08-18 Jesus Climent r122@frost: data | 2005-08-19 00:05:30 +0300
2005-08-18 Jesus Climent r121@frost: data | 2005-08-19 00:00:16 +0300
2005-08-14 Jesus Climent r103@frost: data | 2005-08-13 04:51:15 +0300
2005-08-10 Jesus ClimentAdded last pieces of code to solve the last bugs in...
2005-08-10 Jesus ClimentAdded post_read().
2005-08-07 Jesus Climentabcde.1,abcde.conf:
2005-08-06 Jesus ClimentAdded CUE support
2005-08-04 Jesus ClimentBits for cue work, still under progress...
2005-02-20 Jesus Climent r49@yurie: data | 2005-02-21 01:39:35 +0200
2004-11-07 Jesus ClimentPreparing for 2.2 release
2004-10-03 Jesus Climentabcde.conf
2004-10-02 Jesus ClimentDoc rework
2004-08-30 Jesus ClimentIntroduced -f to force local cddb or template
2004-08-20 Jesus Climentnormalize changed with normalize-audio
2004-07-30 Jesus Climent* abcde.conf, abcde, abcde.1
2004-07-11 Jesus Climentabcde.conf
2004-06-22 Jesus Climent2.2-pre check-in
2004-06-22 Jesus ClimentCheck-in after database failure